For those that were around here back in May 2019, you may recall 'A Tale of Two Marvels' -- a 2-part Camcast event where Ken and Chris reviewed and discussed both the MCU's CAPTAIN MARVEL and the DCEU's SHAZAM! (links below) Now, 5 years later, history repeats itself... and not for the better (unfortunately).

This week for the 185th episode of the Geek Pants Camcast, the guys are discussing/reviewing those films' sequels, THE MARVELS and SHAZAM!: FURY OF THE GODS!

PLUS... pro wrestling fans, what do you want to talk about? Perhaps we'll touch on the ROYAL RUMBLE, CM Punk's latest injury, and The Rock returning to not only face Roman Reigns to WrestleMania, but to also make Cody Rhodes look like a pushover. Good times!


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