This week Rob Kinney and Dudley Phelps take over the podcast studio again to hit on a few of the many habitat-related questions we get from our listeners. The questions are short, but in true “Dudley style” the answers are on point yet all over the place at the same time. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Listen, Learn, and Enjoy.

Topics Covered : 
[1] Alternative mulch for your fruit trees and other successful fruit tree planting/care strategies
[2] Managing underbrush when fire is not an option
[3] Trees to plant for dove fields and other tree strategies 
[4] Chufa plots - how and where to plant
[5] Reclaiming  power line and gas line easements and working with them to convert underutilized ground into prairies, food plots, and bedding cover 
[6] Managing the invasive multiflora rose 

Show Notes :
[1] PLANT : Mossy Oak BioLogic Spring Protein Peas
[2] READ : Mutiflora Rose Control from the Missouri Department of Conservation
[3] Mossy Oak BioLogic Chufa | NWTF Turkey Gold
[4] PLANT : Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries Fruit Trees 

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