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Attack on Griffin (maybe we've already used this but it's AoT time C'mon)

March 14, 2023 15:28 - 50 minutes - 46.1 MB

We're talking TITAN folks, that's the main thing ... but also some games, and some other stuff ... you're gonna love it. 

We Need A Bad McDonalds

March 09, 2023 20:25 - 59 minutes - 54.4 MB

I dunno what else you need to know about this episode. 

Griffin's Legacy

February 13, 2023 15:59 - 54 minutes - 49.8 MB

Hogwarts legacy AND Nintendo direct ... well that's a whole episode right there.

Wok(eee) (feat. Henry!)

February 04, 2023 23:36 - 58 minutes - 53.3 MB

It's E3 time, so we talk about that a little bit, but MY LORD do The Boiz get into some other stuff with their friend Henry including Online Apologies, Missing Magazines, and of course What They've Been Playing.


January 25, 2023 17:37 - 53 minutes - 49.4 MB

EVERYONE'S GOT DOCUMENTS! Maybe even The Boiz. One thing they've got FOR SURE is takes. Takes on M&ms, takes on documents, takes on Forespoken, AND MORE. Enjoy that and of course a quick catch up on what they've been playing. Salute to producer Hailey for making this episode possible.

In Our Zencast Era

January 18, 2023 22:25 - 50 minutes - 45.9 MB

We got new recording software ... is it better? Who can say! I guess you guys. Enjoy the new setup filled with the same old great content you've come to expect from Gameboiz (tm)

Dawning of the New Year

January 09, 2023 17:47 - 58 minutes - 53.3 MB

The Boiz are BACK for a fresh year - catch up on their latest gaming exploits, their reactions to the weird start of the year, and MORE - enjoy folks!

Boizies 2022

December 30, 2022 17:49 - 53 minutes - 49.1 MB

It's the end of the year as we know it...and we've got games. That's right it's our end of the year episode. The Boiz discuss the trends of the year, the weird release schedule, and more before they get into their favorite games of the year. Who will take home The Boizies this year? Tune in to find out!


December 28, 2022 18:16 - 58 minutes - 53.6 MB

This was MISSING FROM THE FEED! but now IT IS BACK for your listening pleasure - enjoy The Boiz reacting to The Game Awards ... and other things 

The Boiz Review AVATAR 2: The Way Of Water

December 25, 2022 15:15 - 1 hour - 68.4 MB

The title tells you what you need to know - happy holidays - enjoy The Boiz Takes on The Biggest Movie Of The Year

Griffin In DC

December 09, 2022 16:40 - 1 hour - 56.3 MB


Guest Host Madness

November 28, 2022 20:17 - 1 hour - 74 MB

Griffin is moving! Guest hosts are back! It's a wild one! Lots of comics talk!


November 14, 2022 18:28 - 57 minutes - 52.7 MB

The New God Of War Is Here! We played it! We talk about it! Also midterms happened. Elon bought Twitter. Lots to discuss. Tune in. 

They Are Already Here

October 21, 2022 22:11 - 57 minutes - 52.2 MB

Yeah we talk games - FF16, Persona 4 Golden, WoW, Diofield Chronicles, but honestly this one is mostly about aliens. 

Reunited and The Lag's So Bad

October 12, 2022 18:09 - 45 minutes - 41.4 MB

Lux is back! Griffin is back! Wi-fi problems are back! See how much news and gaming the boiz can get to before it gets too annoying on this week's GAMEBOIZ

While Griffin's Away (Feat. Rory Blank and Alex [Name Withheld})

October 05, 2022 17:54 - 57 minutes - 52.5 MB

WOW Griffin is on vacation for his BIRTHDAY - so that means Lux is left to run the show all on his own ... or is he? He's not - friend of the show Rory Blank joins as a guest host, and not only is there a guest host but a guest! It's Alex from Haus of Decline! WOW. The three of them talk Texas State Fair, Strongmen, Atlus games, turnbased combat and MUCH MORE - so tune in and enjoy. 


September 20, 2022 21:11 - 57 minutes - 52.8 MB

we're conducting an investigation

Lux Back Queen Gone

September 16, 2022 23:29 - 56 minutes - 52 MB

Now that the philosophical and legal differences between Lux and Griffin have ended they can both return to hosting the same terrible podcast about video games. Rejoice!

Lux 3.0 A New Beginning

September 01, 2022 16:19 - 56 minutes - 51.8 MB

Rowdy Burns is now Lux. I think this podcast is finally going somewhere BIG. Gameboiz on da Globe.

Classic Episode/ New Lux

August 26, 2022 20:34 - 1 hour - 65.3 MB

Its a classic episode hosted by Griffin and New Lux.

The Cult of The Boiz

August 19, 2022 21:18 - 56 minutes - 51.6 MB

The Boiz are back this week, and you know because Lux didn't double check to make sure the upload worked, so here we are. It's a return to the classics this week as we reject modernity, embrace tradition, and actually talk about games for most of the episode. PRETTY CRAZY STUFF. Do The Boiz get into other stuff? OF COURSE they do, but games are the order of the day, so if you're curious about Tower of Fantasy, Cult of the Lamb, Phoenix Point, Digimon: Survive and more then CHECK IT OUT. Edi...

Riding The Raft

August 10, 2022 19:12 - 59 minutes - 54.5 MB

Hey folks! This week The Boiz finally talk about Griffin's new love, Raft. Also, Lux finally played Digimon: Survive and he has some THOUGHTS about his experience. Along with that they discuss the news of the day, the state of the world, and much more. (This was recorded before the Trump Raid so unfortunately it's not news about that - but ... presumably that'll come up next week) Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank You can find Hailey on Youtu...

Steamdeck Review and Breakdown (Feat. Hunter Edwards)

August 04, 2022 19:16 - 57 minutes - 53 MB

Wow! A normal episode where our Good Friend Hunter comes on the pod to talk about his newest gaming implement The Steam Deck. What's particularly shocking about this week's ep is how The Boiz totally stick to the plan and cover all the stuff in the rundown. It's a totally normal one and not the most unhinged episode in years. No secret Strava Ads, no freudian slips, a LITTLE Alex Jones, and plenty of remembering we're a videogame podcast THAT'S for sure.  Edited and Produced by Hailey Cleme...

Nope? Yep!

July 27, 2022 22:04 - 52 minutes - 48.3 MB

A pretty pots and pans episode this week folks. The Boiz talk about Nope and also the reactions to Nope. NOT ONLY THAT, but they get into their most recent games, The Gaming Clause in Kyler Murray's contract, and much much more. They even talk a little doctor. All in all a great time to tune in and spend less than an hour with America's Favorite Gamers. Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank

President Evil (Feat. Forrest Walker)

July 20, 2022 15:07 - 58 minutes - 53.4 MB

The Boiz are back and so is the soundtrack! Not only that but for the first time since they added the drop system they have a guest! It's Friend Of The Show Forrest Walker! Forrest and The Boiz focus on the new Resident Evil show on Netflix (including a SPICY take from Forrest), but not before talking a lil politics and other news. Then all three of them talk about what they've been playing - and it turns out Griffin gets a cosign on his new MMO of choice.  Edited and Produced by Hailey Cle...

Griff's New Toy

July 14, 2022 01:52 - 56 minutes - 51.7 MB

We recorded a WEIRD ONE this week! Griffin has integrated new technology into the process! Will it be cool and interesting? OR will it be INSANELY ANNOYING? There's only ONE WAY TO FIND OUT! That's to listen to this episode. Hear about some new rules, big news, and GAMES! CHECK IT OUT! Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank AND if you can PLEASE donate to an abortion fun - here are a few GOOD OPTIONS: https://fun...

Raft and Grace

July 08, 2022 02:50 - 49 minutes - 45.5 MB

Haha yeah its another griffin upload. you're lucky it's not like 2 weeks late again. 


June 29, 2022 23:58 - 57 minutes - 52.4 MB

Hey folks! The Boiz Are Back! It's been a SHITTY TIME, but that won't stop The Boiz from checking in on the world around them. So tune in for some GAMING UPDATES, NEWS, and quick look at the gaming psyche of Ted Cruz. Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank AND if you can PLEASE donate to an abortion fun - here are a few GOOD OPTIONS:

Biking With Biden

June 22, 2022 20:20 - 56 minutes - 51.6 MB

Folks. .. Biden fell off his bike. That's the top level lede here. Did other stuff happen? You know it did. Did The Boiz play some games? Hell yeah. They gonna talk about em? At least a little bit. It's another twisty turny episode of Gameboiz for you to enjoy! You can find Hailey on Youtube and Instagram at Eateverysound. Griffin is on TikTok and Twitter @Griffinpdavis and streaming at Lux is on twitter @tail_boi and streams on every wednesday at...

A Visit From Brandon

June 15, 2022 17:43 - 55 minutes - 50.8 MB

THE PRESIDENT WAS IN LA. Did it affect The Boiz? Not really! But lots of other things did including new movies to chat about, new games to have played, and many pieces of weird news from the world of games and the regular (and less important) world. So tune in and enjoy a nice chat with some good good boiz.  Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank You can find Hailey on Youtube and Instagram at Eateverysound. Griffin is on TikTok and Twitter @Griff...


June 05, 2022 19:08 - 58 minutes - 54 MB

The Boiz continue BEING BACK. This week it's a grabbag of movies and games. Morbius is back in theaters, and The Boiz are stoked. Not only that, but they discuss Top Gun and RRR. The Boiz also hit on the FF16 trailer, the Diablo Immortal situation, and the games they've been playing lately. Pretty wild stuff for the week, so tune in and enjoy! Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank

Unidentified Flying Oepisode

May 27, 2022 22:47 - 59 minutes - 54.1 MB

The Boiz are back, having recorded before all the nightmares of this week so sorry if we're a bit goofus mode, but there's quite a lot of good stuff in here. The Boiz talk about Richard Nixon, UFOs, The Halo TV Show, and MORE. So take a break from the insanely bleak world and HANG WITH THE BOIZ.  Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank


May 22, 2022 01:58 - 55 minutes - 75.7 MB

FOR SOME REASON this episode didn't upload when Lux set it too, but IT'S HERE! After a long delay due to some EXCITING STUFF - Griffin and Lux can finally turn their attention to what matters: doofing around on their silly podcast. The Boiz cover what they've played recently, what they've been up to, and some thoughts about THE STATE OF THE WORLD. ENJOY! Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank

Disney V. Florida

April 24, 2022 16:54 - 58 minutes - 53.2 MB

This week is a BIG NEWS WEEK. The Boiz discuss the situation with Disney and Florida, talk about some new movies, talk about some shows and games too! They even talk about ... OTHER STUFF. What a week of wonder and adventure. Strap in and enjoy the RIGOROUS political analysis and the EMOTIONAL recounting of some of Griffin's most recent GAMING EXPERIENCES. Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank You can find Hailey on Youtube and Instagram at Eatev...


April 17, 2022 21:42 - 1 hour - 68.3 MB

lol late again. go subscribe to haus of decline those guys are cool.

Griff's List

April 08, 2022 23:15 - 52 minutes - 48.2 MB

Griffin's been making a list and checking it twice and he's got topics for Lux. Isn't that nice! Aside from Griffin's list of news topics, they also talk about games they've been playing, and do yet another Elden Ring update. It's a pretty normal episode as far as that goes, so enjoy a REGULAR GAMEBOIZ Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank You can find Hailey on Youtube and Instagram at Eateverysound. Griffin is on TikTok and Twitter @Griffinpdav...


April 05, 2022 19:11 - 48 minutes - 44.7 MB

It's what it says on the tin folks. The Boiz watched the pilot of The Halo show and they have thoughts! More thoughts than they expected to have if we're being honest. There's also some gaming updates. They've been continuing to play em and talk about em - pretty classic Boiz stuff, and that's what's on the menu. It's a short episode, Lux had to leave early, but there's still PLENTY of juice, so give it a taste. Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Bla...

ELDEN RING AGAIN (Feat. Alex Hood)

March 25, 2022 15:58 - 59 minutes - 54.6 MB

THE BOIZ JUST CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS MOST ELDEN OF RINGS! Once again a special guest joins the pod to talk about the game that EVERYONE CONTINUES TO LOVE. This time it's Alex Hood (@hausofdecline on twitter) who brings the thunder and goes deep with The Boiz comparing Elden Ring to other From Software games, exploring the themes, and sharing some ... personal stories. That plus Lux has THOUGHTS on Strangers of Paradise, and a more zoomed out A Talk of Titan this week. There's also oth...

Back From Florida

March 16, 2022 20:03 - 58 minutes - 53.7 MB

ANOTHER LONG BREAK! Why? Well this time Griffin had to go to Florida, but don't worry The Boiz will get plenty into that and much more. They're still playing Elden Ring, but also THE STREAMER AWARDS happened? Were they good? Well ... they'll tell ya. They also saw The Batman - was it good, bad or ok? Well ... let's just say ... they have thought. Plus! Lux has been playing Triangle Strategy AND more Talk of Titan. So tune in, learn some answers, and get down with The Gameboiz Edited and Pro...

ELDEN RING (feat. Hunter Edwards)

March 07, 2022 16:58 - 1 hour - 61.9 MB

How much description do you really need? The Boiz are talking about the biggest game in the world. RETURNING CHAMPION Hunter Edwards makes his triumphant return to the show. All that ... AND another Talk Of Titan?!?! The boiz are BRINGING THE HEAT. Hop on your horse. Draw your sword. Reach out and touch grace. Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank You can find Hailey on Youtube and Instagram at Eateverysound. Griffin is on TikTok and Twitter @Gri...


February 25, 2022 19:29 - 1 hour - 59.7 MB

WOW another Long Break. This time for REAL REASONS. BUT REASONS ASIDE - THE BOIZ ARE BACK. It's time to talk about Horizon Forbidden West and MORE. There's catching up. There's Ukraine talk. There's PLENTY MORE besides including a DOUBLE DOSE OF A TALK OF TITAN. STOP WASTING TIME READING THIS AND ENJOY THE EP! Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden  Art by Rory Blank You can find Hailey on Youtube and Instagram at Eateverysound. Griffin is on TikTok and Twitter @Gr...

Gameboiz of the Lost Ark

February 11, 2022 15:09 - 1 hour - 55.8 MB

The Boiz are back to talk about some NEW GAMING EXPERIENCES. Arceus? OLD NEWS. Now it's time to talk about the newest MMO sensation, Lost Ark - which Griffin has been playing HARD. Not only that, but Griffin has Dying Light 2 updates, and Lux has been playing Sifu and ENJOYING THE HELL OUT OF IT. Lotta big news in their gaming journeys, and of course another mini-ep of A Talk Of Titan for your pleasure. Crank up your headphones and get a load of this WILD EP. Edited and Produced by Hailey C...

Gameboiz Legends: Arceus (Feat. Alec Opperman)

February 04, 2022 20:20 - 1 hour - 70.3 MB

THE TIME HAS COME!! The Boiz confront the newest Pokemon game, with doubts in their mind and hearts. BUT THEY ARE NOT ALONE - they're joined by poke-expert, general wise-man, and another member of the Lux's former boss club: Alec Opperman. Along with Alec they go DEEP on this newest game. Is it good? Is it bad? They'll tell ya! Not only that, but they discuss other games they're playing, Alec's new look, and the value of leaving your job to go camping. AND OF COURSE The Boiz re-enter A Talk ...

A Talk Of Titan

January 27, 2022 16:26 - 1 hour - 58.8 MB

Don't let the title fool you (maybe that's a sign we need a better title) The Boiz are talking a lot more than Titan this week. Sure the episode was a BANGER, but there's a lot more going on. For some reason there's a lot of Disney talk, not only that but The Boiz get into Sex With Hitler, Blizzard (again) and MORE. Plus ... they do Talk Titan! Everything and a bag of chips this week so make sure to tune in! Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank ...


January 20, 2022 22:22 - 52 minutes - 48.1 MB

Back just in time, The Boiz are covering some BIG NEWS this week as Activision/Blizzard (Blizzard/Activision? who knows) has been acquired by Microsoft and THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! Or does it? Who can possibly say? Maybe The Boiz? Maybe not? Listen and find out. While you're listening you can also catch Lux and Griffin discussing the newest episode of Attack on Titan and even some other stuff. It's a wild ride, so enjoy! Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden' Art b...

Attack On Wordle

January 13, 2022 19:52 - 1 hour - 60.2 MB

BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING! First off Attack on Titan is BACK. The Boiz? Well they're gonna talk about it. But wait ... what about the games? Well buddy, they're happening. The Boiz talk about their excitement for the next few months. Lux is playing Bravely Default 2 and isn't that fun? Meanwhile, Griffin is on some Kena Bridge of Spirits stuff and has A LOT to say. AND THERE'S MORE. Lux has gotten into Wordle and he has thoughts, and Griffin ... well he's not into it and is mostly confused by...

New Year. New Games!

January 06, 2022 20:02 - 57 minutes - 52.7 MB

Happy New Year! The Boiz are back in 2022 and they are looking to get excited. First they discuss their recent gaming experiences, including a lengthy discussion of Halo: Infinite, and then it's on to see what this next year holds. Lux and Griffin discuss the upcoming major releases, as well as some smaller games they're excited about, and start to get hyped for the future of gaming. Will this finally be the year of the PS5? The only way to know is to wait and see, but if you wanna speculate...

End of the Year (Release Delayed due to Supply Chain Issues) (Feat. Forrest Walker)

January 02, 2022 20:54 - 1 hour - 67.8 MB

Wow it's the end of 2021! What a miserable dong-turd of a year. And yet, The Boiz persisted. To fully recap this entire mess of a year They needed some help, so friend of the show Forrest Walker joins The Boiz to try and trudge through it. They discuss their favorite games of the year, some of the year's biggest stories, some tangents about nonsense, and more! Thanks to everyone for listening all year long, and we'll see you again soon! Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthe...

Turns Out The Game Awards Happened

December 15, 2021 23:00 - 1 hour - 55.8 MB

That's right friends! The Game Awards happened! Join Lux and Griffin as they kinda meander around for most of an episode before remembering THE BIG EVENT about halfway through. That doesn't mean the first half isn't chock full of the good stuff though. The Boiz get into the TRUTH about NFTs, Griffin remembers Crazee Frog, and a whole lot of Blizzard talk once again. Lux has a new game, Griffin feels sticky, and even more can be found in this episode. And don't forget to donate to Blizzard/A...

Super Agers

December 09, 2021 22:44 - 58 minutes - 53.4 MB

It's a loose goose episode this week folks. Gotta be honest with you. It's almost the holidays. Everyone's tired. Staying focused... well it's not easy for anyone and Certainly not for The Boiz. That doesn't mean this week isn't another banger though. Griffin learns all about an FF14 related deal. Lux busts out a strange headline. Best believe there's a lot more in this week's GAMEBOIZ! Edited and Produced by Hailey Clement Music by Matthew Morden Art by Rory Blank Find Hailey on Youtube...


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