I sit down with Andy Hall to discuss the FIRST and SECOND Texas Navy that played a vital role during the Texas Revolution and during the years of the republic of Texas!

Andy Hall has volunteered with the office of the State Marine Archaeologist at the Texas Historical Commission since 1990, helping to document historic shipwrecks in Texas waters. From 1997 to 2002, Hall served as Co-Principal Investigator for the Denbigh Project, the most extensive archaeological investigation of a Civil War blockade runner to date in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hall has written two books on Texas maritime history, The Galveston-Houston Packet: Steamboats on Buffalo Bayou and Civil War Blockade Running on the Texas Coast, both published by the History Press of Charleston, South Carolina. Hall writes and speaks frequently on the subjects of Texas' maritime history and its military conflicts in the 19th century. Hall is a Texas Navy Admiral, and recently completed two consecutive terms as a member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Navy Association. He currently serves as Commander of the Texas Navy's Charles E. Hawkins Squadron in Galveston.

The Texas Navy Association: https://texasnavy.org/

Andy Hall's Books:
Civil War Blockade Running on the Texas Coast : https://www.amazon.com/Civil-Blockade-Running-Texas-Coast/dp/1626195005
The Galveston-Houston Packet: Steamboats on Buffalo Bayou: https://www.amazon.com/Galveston-Houston-Packet-Steamboats-Buffalo-Bayou/dp/1609495918

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