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As we wrap up this week-long focus seeking to answer the important question, why should we spend time alone with God, today we’re going to look at how God provides freedom through simply enjoying him. I hope and pray that chains weighing you down to the cares and sins of the world fall off of you today as we follow the Spirit down a path to more fully enjoying God.

Our Scripture for today comes from 2 Corinthians 5:17, and today's worship is Goodness by RNW Music.


Last year felt like a wilderness and a desert in many ways. Yet in the midst of the fear, unrest, and anxiety, God moved. In fact, during 2020, over half a million men and women joined the First15 community!

With all this growth, we need financial help to propel forward the mission to guide believers all around the world to experience God the first 15 minutes of their day. We’ve set a goal of seeing 221 new monthly donors come on board this first month of 2021. And we want to invite you to give your first gift as a First15 monthly partner today.

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