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Welcome into another video on Financial Education Channel!  In today's video I will be discussing a stock that has been going down.  Not only going down on red days but it goes down on green days and on neutral days.  I have been investing in this stock slowly and I now have a pretty substantial position in it!  The stock I am going to talk to you about today is Corsair Gaming (CRSR)! 

The infamous Corsair Gaming (CRSR)!  Corsair Gaming (CRSR) Stock has been giving me nightmares, but today I will talk to you about why I like this stock so much.  I will show you Corsair Gaming (CRSR) valuation and where I think this stock is going in the future, when it comes to stock price.  I'll share with you what the stock price would have to be for me to even consider selling this stock.  

Hope you enjoy this video on Corsair Gaming (CRSR).  Subscribe to the channel for more future videos on Corsair Gaming (CRSR) and other stocks in the stock market!  Leave me a comment with your thoughts on Corsair Gaming (CRSR) and if you think its a stock to buy now or just a stock to watch now.  Also let me know what stocks to buy now! 

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