Bible Study: (2:20)

Acts 22:3-16

Father shares his theories about St. Paul 

Mk 16:15-18

Should we be snake handlers 


(19:48) - Father discusses the nature of the Church 
(22:42) - Father discusses the sin against the spirit 
(29:16) - A non-Catholic asks Father about the past having no-ontological status. 

Word of the Day: A Pauline contradiction (34:25)


(39:13) - We're buying a house and the previous owner had an item called Mezuzah that Jewish people used on the door.  Should I keep it there?
(42:24) - Was Joseph of Arimathea a tin merchant who took the Holy Grail to Ireland?
(46:00) - I saw a priest drop host in front of me and he picked it up like a dirty Kleenex.  Should I let priest know about it that he should've done better?
(48:29) - Why is the Bible so hard to understand and why not make it easier?