(1:59) Bible Study: 1 Kgs 18:20-39 Father Simon explains the history behind the events of today’s reading (13:43) Mt 5:17-19 Difference between laws and statute.

(22:45) Break 1 

(23:33) Letters: Father answers some obscure letters involving John 3: 16, when sins are forgiven during the Mass, and how to understand some quotes from the saints. 

(35:27) Break 2

(37:04) Word of the Day: Altar (39:40) Phones: Elaine - How do you know who's talking, is it the Holy Spirit or is it evil one? Stephanie - A friend who just got engaged in a same sex relationship.  How to respond? Jane - After we receive holy communion, is it always necessary to have music at that time.  Could we just have silence instead?