(2:02) Bible Study:

ACTS 11:21B-26; 13:1-3

The Acts and Luke were legal documents? Find out more in this bible study.

MT 5:13-16

Why is salt important for sacrifice? Father Simon answers this question.

(22:54) Break 1

(24:00) Letters:

Father answers what it means to “hasten the coming of the Lord”, What it means to Love the Blessed Mother, the beauty of the law.

(35:23) Break 2

(36:06) Word of the Day:


(38:40) Phones:


Jim - Question about absolution of sins in confession and giving absolution as well?


Joe - Can you explain the St. Michael Prayer? How many times is St. Michael going in and out of hell because it seems like people keep escaping.


Deedee - About last rites, if you have it as a child, do you have to do it again?


Cathy - I'm married to a Serbian Orthodox, but is their different distinction make them a heretical faith?


Joe - My boss is a fallen away Catholic and she says there's no verse that says abortion is bad and the pill is bad.  Could you help?