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The Eagles Schedule Broke Perfectly

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English - September 19, 2023 14:38 - 3 hours - 84.4 MB - ★★★★ - 27 ratings
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(00:00-17:31) Today on The John Kincade Show, John opens the show in awe at the amount of home runs the Phillies hit last night versus the Atlanta Braves and gets into the magic number to clinch a playoff spot. Then, they pivoted to the 2-0 Eagles and Jalen Hurts. 

(17:31-36:00) John poses a question about the Eagles and asks if the league has caught up to Jalen Hurts. 

(36:00-59:24) In Pat’s Point of View, Pat questions if the Eagles will regret releasing Arryn Siposs. Then, John proclaims that after Monday night, we will all see what we expected heading into the season from the 2023 Eagles.  

(59:24-1:22:36) In Speak For Yourself, Bob takes a deeper dive into Nick Sirianni’s press conference yesterday. Then, in Pat’s Point of View, Pat says the Braves only have one thing to be afraid of, and it has nothing to do with the Phillies. 

(1:22:36-1:46:23) John breaks down the Eagles and Cowboys schedule and how it favors the Eagles. Then, Pat gets into the Phillies’ farm system. Next, Bob does a truth serum segment where John and Pat must answer his questions 100% truthfully.  

(1:46:23-2:09:52) The guys discuss postseason ticket prices for the Phillies, and Pat gives his advice on finding the cheapest options. Then, John tries to find some clarification on what the Eagles RB room will look like.  

(2:09:52-2:35:59) John, Pat, and Bob talk about their saddest time of the year. Then, they talk about their enjoyment of baseball since the pitch clock has been implemented. Next, Pat gets into Patrick Mahomes’ restructuring his contract. 

(2:35:59-3:04:10) The show wraps up with a discussion about whether or not they truly believe the Phillies can make a World Series run. Then, it pivots back to the conversation about the Punter for the Birds. Next, they discuss the Sixers latest signing – Kelly Oubre Jr.