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Hank Lockwood, Producer of Pardon My Take, the #1 Sports podcast in the world, now in front of the mic hosting for the first time ever, combining with Rone, the world's number one battle rapper/emo front man...making fantasies come true - Fantasy Football Factory is here. Episodes drop every Thursday and will break down the week that was, preview and analyze the upcoming weeks matchups + insight and data to use for all people playing DFS. Featuring a different Barstool content personality every week the Fantasy Football Factory is guaranteed to provide comedic relief & fantasy football information in a way you have never heard it before.




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Episode 17 - The Finale 2020

December 17, 2020 03:00

We are in the middle of fantasy playoffs and Hank is already out from suffering a loss by Team Frankie, Trysta, and Tommy. Nick being in last place is asked who he'd want to join him for the punishment. Hank brainstorms an amazing idea that could reverse Frank the Tank's curse. We finally answer your fantasy questions to help you win your leagues. Yes, this is the most random episode ever.

Episode 16 - Fantasy Playoffs, Nick is in Last Place, and Drafting Toys from Different Decades

December 10, 2020 03:05

We are back this week talking Fantasy Football playoffs and a revelation happened: there is no losers bracket...meaning Nick is in last place and has to do the punishment. He tries to bribe Rone to join him but seems to fail. We answer the questions from the union members and get them ready for the playoffs. Then we end the show with a snake draft of the best toys from different decades.

Episode 15 - Fantasy Football During Covid, Playoffs and Drafting Mouth-feel/Drug Companies

December 03, 2020 03:00

The gang is back to talk Fantasy and how crazy Covid has made it. Before we get into that, we talk about Nick's relationship with Frank the Tank and compare it to Rone's relationship with Frank. Then we get into the Barstool Fantasy league and give updates before we start getting into the playoffs. Finally, we answer questions from the union members and then do a snake draft on best mouth-feels and drug companies.

Episode 14 - Players We Are Thankful For and Drafting Roman Numerals

November 25, 2020 03:00

It's Thanksgiving week and you know what that means? Drafting Roman Numerals. We first start off with Hank's dilemma, Starting Goff or Brady, and he has a message to the union members that steered him in the right direction. After that, we answer some questions for the upcoming week and then touch on players we drafted that we are thankful for. Did we mention we had a snake draft, drafting Roman Numerals?

Episode 13 - Players We Are Thankful For and Drafting Roman Numerals

November 25, 2020 03:00

It's Thanksgiving week and you know what that means? Drafting Roman Numerals. We first start off with Hank's dilemma, Starting Goff or Brady, and he has a message to the union members that steered him in the right direction. After that, we answer some questions for the upcoming week and then touch on players we drafted that we are thankful for. Did we mention we had a snake draft, drafting Roman Numerals?

Episode 13 - Breaking News and Drafting "Jeff's" and Drinks with Complimentary Temperatures

November 19, 2020 03:10

The Factory is back and we start off with a dilemma that Hank is dealing with, start Tom Brady or Jared Goff as they face each other on MNF. Then we answer our union member questions and end with a drafting "Jeffs" and Drinks with Complimentary Temperatures. In the middle of the questions, we Break News that Klay Thompson suffered an injury. Beating Shams to the punch.

Episode 12 - KB is Disgusted By Our Tweeting and Drafting the Worst Buffet Items

November 12, 2020 03:05

The guys are back to talk about everything fantasy related until KB breaks down the door to talk to us about how people won last week's non-football draft. It involved people's tweets and KB was the one judging and boy did he judge the shit out of people. After that, we talk about some fantasy players, answer the Union member's questions, and draft the worst food items you find at a buffet.

Episode 11 - Story Time with Nick and Drafting Masked Singers as Family Members

November 05, 2020 06:42

This week we open up the show talking about the virality of Norman and how it went down over the weekend. We talk to Nick who is now in last place and assess his team. Then discuss the most disappointing players that aren't injured so far in the season. We answer some union member questions and end the show with a draft of Masked Singers to make up a fictional family.

Episode 10 - The Trust Episode

October 29, 2020 05:52

The guys are back this week and we immediately get off track about a very interesting topic...then quickly jump back on and talk about how Michael Thomas is ruining Fantasy teams everywhere. Nick and Rone make a bet this week for their head-to-head matchup and we finally end the show with a snake draft of seasons.

Episode 9 - Nick Hates Fantasy Football and Barstool Employees We'd Go To War With

October 23, 2020 01:01

Nick has bamboozled us and we get down to business if he even likes Fantasy Football...doesn't sound like it. We get a surprise appearance from commissioner Jeff D. Lowe to announce the non-football draft topic and somehow it's football-related. After taking fantasy questions from our union members, we draft Barstool employees we'd want in our bunker for war.

Episode 8 - Breaking Up with Players and Snake Drafting Non-Edible Things We'd Like to Eat

October 15, 2020 03:00

We dive right into the show asking, is Elmer's Glue's mascot a bull, cow, or goat? Then we get into players on our teams we want to break up with after a rough start to the season. Finally, after answering some union member questions, we do a snake draft on things we'd like to eat that are non-edible.

Episode 7 - Pubes, Trades and Movie Quotes from Movies We've Never

October 08, 2020 05:17

The members start the show off the rails talking about pubes and then quickly get back ono track where Rone and Hank nearly execute a trade in the middle of the podcast. We get into Jeff D. Lowe's crazy non-football draft for the week and do our own snake draft on Movie Quotes we know from Movies we haven't seen.

Episode 6 - Player Let Downs, Intrateam Fighting and a Non-Life-Threatening Injury Snake Draft

October 01, 2020 05:48

We recap the past week in the Barstool Fantasy League and some intrateam drama when it comes to line ups. Then the fellas get into what players may have a great game this weekend and some advice from the man, himself, Tinkering Tony. Finally, we end the show with a snake draft of non-life-threatening annoying injuries.

Episode 5 - Commissioner D Lowe and Tinkering Tony Join The Factory

September 24, 2020 06:46

In this episode, we have Commissioner Jeff D. Lowe give an update on the Barstool league standings and how teams have been strategic. Nick's fantasy whisperer, Tinkering Tony calls in to give us some deep waiver wire pickups. Finally, we answer the questions of the Union Members and draft the best pranks from the Home Alone Cinematic Universe.

Episode 4 - Nick's Team is Decimated and the Barstool League Drafts Meteorologists

September 17, 2020 04:24

The guys are back after week 1 and evaluate how their teams did. They touch on sleepers, surprises, disappointments, and who to pick up off the waiver wire. Speaking of the waiver wire, Nick wallows in misery because his first 3 picks in the draft are all injured. Finally, since Nick is new to some Union members, we get to know him a bit and how he and KB never spoke to each other despite going to the same school and growing up in the same town.

Episode 3 - Barstool League Draft Recap and No Jumper Sparks a Special Draft Idea

September 10, 2020 02:18

The boys are back and recap what went down at the league draft where Smitty tried to cheat his way to the number one pick. Team names, reaching for players, and sleepers are discussed. On top of that, there are TWO, not one but TWO snake drafts this episode. Which NFL athletes would appear on a No Jumper podcast, and What are the best excuses to get out of school?

Episode 2- Barstool League Update, Bone Draft & Mock Drafting

September 07, 2020 22:14

The boys get into the nitty gritty about whose in and whose out of the 2020 BS Fantasy league. They also discuss the recent news regarding Leonard Fournette, Alvin Kamara, Sanu & more as well as do a draft of "Bones" and simulate a mock draft as a squad.

Season Finale... And Maybe Series Finale?

December 20, 2019 15:15

Tune in to find out. 

Best Of 12 Hours Of Radio Featuring Chaps, Kate, Eddie, Rone & Callers From All 50 States

December 13, 2019 06:30

The fellas quickly recap week 13 of the fantasy season, take questions from the fantasy union members and recap what it was like doing 12 consecutive hours of radio from 7pm - 7am accompanied by a "best of" moments from that broadcast. 

Barstool League Loser Hubbs + DFS Shark Ricky Dee

December 05, 2019 02:45

Hank Rone & Big T answer all week 14 fantasy questions from the Fantasy Union audience, discuss the state of the Barstool Fantasy Leagues, Big T as a commissioner + an interview with Hubbs about his plan for doing the 12 hour radio stream. Plus an in studio interview with DFS Shark Ricky D about how he made it this far, strategies and some key pickups for this week. 

Week 13 - The Lone Wolf

November 27, 2019 19:00

Big T is back from his month long vaction in Canada and talks about how he betrayed Hank + goes solo dolo and gives fantasy advice to the union members as well as inside Barstool featuring Rone live from Oregon


November 21, 2019 02:30

Week 12 is here, Hank & Rone go over the state of the Barstool fantasy league, give you fantasy sleepers to keep an eye out for as the season comes down to the wire as well the top QBs to use if you're trying to cobble together a run to the playoffs. Inside Barstool features Hank interviewing Rone about his Rap Battle this weekend. They go over how Rone got into the rap battle game, the ins and outs, how he is getting prepped & more. 

Big Cat + PFT Shame Hank For Embarrassing Loss + Big T Is Being Pushed Out

November 14, 2019 15:00

Hank lost to Big Cat and PFTs team when they were starting 3 players on the bye and Cooper Kupp had zero points. Embarrassin, we break down where everything went wrong, give our DFS diaries, go through questions from the audience + an interview with Big Cat and PFT  

Soaking Szn Featuring Fran

November 07, 2019 00:45

On this weeks episode the guys get into the art of soaking, breakdown the heartbreak of the Dallas MNF conclusion, talk about what Josh Gordon, Kareem Hunt and AJ Green coming back + questions from the Union & Inside Barstool with Fran     

Daily Fantasy Goofin With Uncle Chaps

October 31, 2019 12:45

Questions from the factory audience, DFS diaries, Start Em sit em + a great interview with Uncle Chaps

PFT Commenter

October 24, 2019 04:30

Week 8 is upon us. The guys talk about the moves made around the trade deadline specifically Mohammad Sanu and Emmanuel Sanders and how it effects the fantasy landscape + PFT Commenter joins the show, half in the bag, to discuss how he and Big Cat are currently #1 in the league despite "not giving a shit about your fantasy team"

DFS Fiends Featuring Marty Mush & Big Ev

October 17, 2019 05:30

Week 7 is upon us and the main theme of the week is gambling and DFS. Rone & Hank take you through their DFS diaries including lineups for Thursday & Sunday + the Stah-kum-yeti-wit & an interview with the degenerate boys Marty Mush and Big Ev

FULL TIME TENNESSEE (Featuring Young Pageviews)

October 10, 2019 01:15

Young Pageviews joins us to talk about his love for fantasy football, while he gets into it with The Commissioner about baseball. Talks about what it's like to be coaching a team with the big boss, Dave Portnoy, and how Team Portnoy operates all together. Oh yeah, he gives us his number one overall pick in a porn star fantasy draft.

RIVALRY WEEK + Antonio Brown Diss Track featuring Smitty

September 26, 2019 00:00

Rivalry Week has descended upon Barstool Sports and tensions are HIGH. Rone starts the episode off with a diss track to towards Antonio Brown, we talk about the Melvin Gordon news & how that may affect your team/league and break down the best players on the waiver wire this week. Big Ten breaks down every rivalry week match up and what exactly is at stake.  Smitty joins the program for the "inside Barstool" segment to clear the air over some tweets that were sent this week in regards to his ...

Episode #4 - Commisioner T Is Obsessed With Tyler C & We Are At War With Fran (Featuring Kate)

September 19, 2019 04:00

Week 2 Is in the books and the guys go over how they are feeling about their seasons, what players they are thankful for/ regretting and why. Questions from YOU the listeners...

Week 1 Mad Libs, Buyers Remorse + Inside Barstool With Glenny Balls

September 12, 2019 04:30

Week 1 is in the books and the guys go over which players gave them "buyers remorse" after week 1 and which players deserve more respect in the 2019 season.

Episode #3 - THIS LEAGUE featuring Clem. NFL Football is back

September 05, 2019 16:00

Football is back and the 2019 Fantasy Football season is upon us. LFG. The Barstool content league held it's draft on Wednesday but not before Nate got kicked out for conspiring to tamper. Joined by Clem from Barstool NY, we go over all of that drama + we break down the best and worst picks from around the league and give our predictions for best and worst teams heading into the season.

Episode #2 - Mock Draft Featuring Sr. NFL Draft Analyst Steven Cheah

August 29, 2019 05:15

Rone, Hank & Conner preview the first annual Barstool Governors meeting that will feature owners from every team in the Barstool Conent league.  Barstool Sports Ad Ops & Sr. NFL Draft Analyst Steven Cheah joins to go over best and worst draft strategies heading into the 2019 season + a 2 round Mock Draft featuring some beautifully awful impersonations.

Ep 1 - Barstool Fantasy League Breakdown Featuring Jonathan Bales

August 22, 2019 03:00

In the inaugural episode of the Fantasy Football factory the guys introduce the podcast, explain how and why it was created as well as break down the contestants in the Barstool Sports Fantasy League. They also give their top 3 sleepers and top 3 players they see regressing this season as well as interview with Fantasy Labs creator and DFS wizard Jonathan Bales.

Welcome to Fantasy Football Factory

August 19, 2019 12:41

Listen to the trailer for Fantasy Football Factory with Hank and Rone right here. Podcast coming soon.