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"The NDA Killer: One Person's Legal Fight To End Trump's NDAs" w/Jessica Denson

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English - November 21, 2023 05:00 - 52 minutes - 36.3 MB
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In a story that isn't getting much media attention, we explore the often-veiled world of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and their impact on democracy and individual freedom. On this episode Will and Josh speak with Jessica Denson, a former Trump campaign staffer with a background in acting, known for roles in "Show Me a Hero," "Person of Interest," and "Kimchi Warrior," and John Langford, a legal expert from Protect Democracy. Together, they dive into the story of Jessica's transformation from an actress to a central figure in Trump's 2016 campaign and how challenging the Trump campaign's NDAs ended up in court. 

Jessica opens up about the immense personal and emotional challenges she faced while fighting against the NDAs, detailing her experiences of how these agreements were used to suppress and control. Her story is not just a personal account, but also a larger commentary on the threats NDAs pose to individual freedoms and democratic principles. Complementing Jessica's powerful testimony, John Langford from Protect Democracy offers expert legal insights into the class action settlement that liberated 2016 Trump campaign workers from their NDAs, highlighting the broader implications of this case for future NDAs in political and corporate environments, and also opening the door for other high-profile former employees of Trump, like Omarosa Manigault Newman.

This episode offers an in-depth look at the intersection of personal struggle, legal battles, and political discourse. It is an essential listen for anyone interested in understanding the real-life impact of NDAs, the resilience of individuals in the face of daunting legal challenges, and the ongoing efforts to safeguard democratic values. Tune into Faithful Politics for this enlightening discussion, where personal narratives meet the larger quest for justice and transparency in politics.

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