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Rangers Stadium Series, Waste Management Recap

February 20, 2024 03:56 - 53 minutes - 99.7 MB

The Crew is back from vacation. They recap all things Scottsdale and Waste Management. Diesel was boots on ground in Metlife for Rangers miraculous comeback against the Isles. Baseball is right around the corner.

Waste Management Trip, Super Bowl Picks, New York Sports Update

February 06, 2024 04:25 - 1 hour - 116 MB

Bes and Diesel are going to Scottsdale for the Waste Management Open. Giants hire their defensive coordinator. Jets have no idea what they are doing with Saleh. Yanks trade for Caleb Ferguson, Mets sign bullpen help. Knicks struggle against Lakers without Randle and OG. Super Bowl Picks.

Real World Problems, Massive Trip in The Works

February 01, 2024 05:44 - 49 minutes - 91.8 MB

Really not too much to this episode. The fellas talk about losing weight and why they are doing. The answers are somewhat shocking. They argue and fight, will the pod ever be the same?

Weekend Recap, Knicks Dropping Like Flies, Snell Delusional, Conference Championship Recap

January 30, 2024 05:46 - 57 minutes - 107 MB

Bes and Diesel were boots on the ground for Providence vs Georgetown. Bes was a content superstar and was recognized everywhere. Julius Randle and OG update. Yankees and Mets offseason update. Conference championship recap. Bes buried Dan Campbell.

Dear Ed Cooley... NFL Conference Championship

January 25, 2024 05:20 - 37 minutes - 70.1 MB

Bes And Diesel talk out their feelings about Ed Cooley. Knicks beat the Nets in battle of New York. Bes and Diesel give their conference championship picks.

NFL Divisional Recap, Bes Bday Recap, Knicks Continue to Roll, Oklahoma Drill

January 23, 2024 05:00 - 58 minutes - 109 MB

Bessy's Birthday was eventful. He drank a lot, he ate ALOT, and he was the most loyal. The fellas discuss the divisional round. Knicks continue to roll with OG. Providence vs. Georgetown.

NFL Divisional Picks, Bessy's Bday

January 18, 2024 05:48 - 38 minutes - 72.3 MB

Bessy reflects on his life as he hits the quarter century mark. Very emotional episode. Divisional picks included.

The Piss Bandit, NFL Wild Card Recap, Knicks Struggle Without Brunson, Stroman

January 16, 2024 06:37 - 58 minutes - 108 MB

Diesel was attacked by the dangerous piss bandit. The fellas go through the NFL wild card weekend. Knicks are poo without Brunson. Yanks sign Stroman.

NFL Season Awards, NFL Playoff Predictions

January 11, 2024 06:23 - 1 hour - 124 MB

It is awards season. Diesel, Obi, and Bes give out some traditional awards and some not so traditional awards. NFL playoff draft included as well.

Bessy Buries Penix, Giants Coaching Staff Mayhem, Mets Add in FA, Knicks Back

January 09, 2024 06:51 - 1 hour - 127 MB

Vibes are at an all time high for the fellas. Bessy gets his revenge on Penix finally. Giants beat the Eagles, finally. Jets beat the Pats, finally. Diesel discusses Wink Martindale situation. Obi discusses Mets Free Agency adds. Crew talks Knicks. Engagement Enragement segment to finish it off.

Michael Penix Owns Bes, Knicks Continue to Shine, Yanks Need Pitching, Giants Mock Draft

January 04, 2024 05:28 - 38 minutes - 70.8 MB

Resolutions have failed. Bryce Hopkins Sad Hour. OG is GOOD. Yankees look for starting pitching. Giants Mock Draft. Hypotheticals.

RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickly Gone, New Years Resolutions, OG Missing Piece?

January 02, 2024 06:44 - 46 minutes - 86.9 MB

The lads start the episode with New Years Resolutions. Some very lofty resolutions but seem to be necessary given the state of the lads. Knicks trade RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickly to Toronto. Giants pull of perfect tank loss.

Christmas Present Reviews, Yamamoto Makes Mistake, Devito Mania Dead

December 28, 2023 04:41 - 54 minutes - 100 MB

The fellas review their best Christmas gifts. Tommy Devito Era is over. Jets fail the tank. Yammamoto hates the bright lights. JALEN BRUNSON IS A SUPERSTAR.

Bessy's Big Night, How To Solve The Knicks, Mets Trade, Week 16 Picks

December 21, 2023 05:13 - 52 minutes - 97.8 MB

Bessy has a massive night ahead of him. Trying to save a team and give the owners what they deserve. Heavy Knicks talk. Week 15 Picks Contest.

Cutlets Collapsed, Wilson Flattened, Bad Takes Segment

December 19, 2023 05:27 - 53 minutes - 99.2 MB

Cutlets tweet goes mega viral but Diesel lets City down on Saturday. Zach Wilson got knocked unconscious on Sunday as Jets lose. Yamamoto hunt is still on for Mets and Yanks. New Segment introduced: Bad Takes. Knicks continue to be in middle of pack. Rangers stay on top while Devils continue to struggle.

Cutlet a Day Keeps the Losses Away, Ohtani Ruined Baseball

December 14, 2023 06:26 - 1 hour - 136 MB

Diesel makes a promise to twitter that he may regret. The fellas preview the Giants and Jets upcoming matchups. Yanks and Mets discussions with Yammmamoto heated up. Ohtani ruined baseball. Good run of the week. Week 15 Picks Contest.

Tommy Cutlets is King, Bessy is Rich, Giants Contenders?

December 12, 2023 08:07 - 38 minutes - 70.4 MB

TOMMY CUTLETS DELIVERED ON PRIMETIME. Bessy and Obi hit the bet of their lives. Diesel gives boots on the ground reaction. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!


December 07, 2023 07:51 - 1 hour - 113 MB

JUAN SOTO IS A NEW YORK YANKEE. Bessy is in love. Bessy gives us a full date review and answers all questions. Diesel goes crazy for Soto and Verdugo. Obi isn't pleased with Jets management. Can Tommy Devito lead Giants to playoffs? Knicks in desperate need of a star. NFL Picks.

Bessy Finds Love, MLB Offseason Predictions, Who Deserves Better?

December 05, 2023 05:26 - 59 minutes - 47.1 MB

Bessy has a date so the fellas try to prepare him for the grueling life of dating in NYC. Jets Qb room is a disaster. Giants coaching staff hates each other. MLB offseason predictions. Who deserves better?

Bessy Diss Track, Rodgers Back, Sexy to Mets, Soto to Yanks, Week 13 Picks Contest

November 30, 2023 04:13 - 44 minutes - 82.7 MB

Diesel disses Bessy with a rap (Very Short). Bessy rizzed up Livvy Dunne???? Rodgers back practicing. Luis Severino changes colors but stays in NYC. Soto to the Yanks talks heat up. Schoen press conference a big pile of nothing. Week 13 picks contest.

Bessy Blunders, Giant Tank Is Off, Jets Fail Mary, Rangers On Top

November 28, 2023 05:30 - 41 minutes - 76.3 MB

Bessy had a rough Thanksgiving and Diesel lets him explain himself. Merch is flying off the shelves thanks to promotion. Giants may have found their QB for the future. Jets embarrass themselves again on Prime time. Rangers are the best team in the NHL. Devils need to fire their bum of a coach. Knicks continue to be mid.

Baha Mar Recap, Tommy Devito Savior?, RIP Zach Wilson

November 21, 2023 05:46 - 38 minutes - 72 MB

Diesel realized he was being mean during the editing process so he sings a song to Bes to apologize. Diesel and Bes recap their nightmare of a trip to the Bahamas. Jets bench Zach Wilson. Diesel discusses the Tank process with Tommy Devito at the helm.

BAHA MAR TRIP, Giants vs Commies, Jets vs Bills, Week 11 Picks Contest

November 16, 2023 07:03 - 37 minutes - 68.7 MB

Diesel is infuriated with Bessy's priorities. Baha Mar Trip checklist. Providence Basketball. Giants vs Commies preview. Brian Cashman Rant. Jets vs Bills preview. Week 11 picks contest

New York Football Is Cursed, Rangers Hot Start, Knicks Struggles

November 14, 2023 07:23 - 44 minutes - 81.9 MB

New York Football teams are cursed. Jets put out another embarrassing offensive performance. Giants fight for top pick in draft. Rangers continue their hot start. Devils desperately need Hughes back. Knicks can't beat good teams.

Brian Cashman is Arrogant and Stupid, Devil Bessy, Week 10 Picks

November 09, 2023 06:56 - 54 minutes - 102 MB

The fellas go into the box with Bessy for some New Jersey Devils talks, Diesel rips Brian Cashman and talks about Giants future. Obi is not optimistic about the Jets. Week 10 picks contest. Surprise McDonald's order reveal from Bessy.

End of Daniel Jones Era?, Jets Primetime Beat Down, Kim English Era

November 07, 2023 06:19 - 35 minutes - 66.5 MB

Diesel goes through many emotions as he recaps the Giants multiple losses this weekend, Obi checks in live during halftime of Jets Game, Bessy LOVES his Friars. Julius Randle bounce back??

Jets vs Chargers, Giants vs Raiders, Week 9 Contest

November 02, 2023 04:54 - 38 minutes - 71.6 MB

Diesel flu game incoming. Diesel battles back a life threatening illness to talk about his beloved Knicks. Obi breaks down the Jets Monday Night matchup vs the Chargers. Diesel discusses his confusion with the Giants being underdogs vs the Raiders. Bessy gives his locks for Week 9.

Jets Beat Giants in MetLife Bowl, NY Sports Are Doomed

October 31, 2023 04:46 - 55 minutes - 103 MB

Diesel and Obi go back and forth the whole pod on the MetLife Bowl. Bessy talks about his experience at his second NFL game. Diesel lost the Week 8 picks contest. Devils and Rangers talk in the Bessy Box.

Knicks Disastrous Opener, Giants Vs Jets Preview, Week 8 Contest

October 26, 2023 05:27 - 43 minutes - 80 MB

The fellas breakdown the Knicks disappointing season opener, first livestream, and Road to 100 YouTube subscribers. Diesel and Obi go after each other's favorite teams in an all-time Jets/Giants preview. End it with the week 8 pick contest. All while sweating out Sam Houston -4.

Giants Season Is Back, Week 7 Losers, Answer The Listeners

October 24, 2023 06:07 - 41 minutes - 77.7 MB

Diesel and Bessy lose the Week 7 picks contest. The fellas discuss the importance of the Giants win over the Commanders. Obi and Diesel touch on the upcoming Jets/Giants matchup. The pod answers the listeners questions.

Liberty Choke in WNBA Finals, Giants vs Commies Preview, NFL Week 7 Picks Contest

October 19, 2023 12:50 - 34 minutes - 64.6 MB

The Liberty left the crew devastated after blowing the last shot at a New York Sports championship in 2023. Diesel provides a Knicks preview after seeing 1 preseason game. Obi updates us on the Jets during their bye week. Diesel previews the Giants week 7 matchup. NFL week 7 picks contest with a new twist (Swanton Bomb).

Jets Shock Eagles, Giants Heartbreaking Loss, NFL Week 6 Loser (Bessy)

October 17, 2023 04:55 - 41 minutes - 76.1 MB

The fellas discuss Bessy being the worst gambler for week 6. Bessy gets a punishment. Obi talks about the hopes for the Jets season after a SHOCKING win against the Eagles. Diesel goes crazy talking about Giants loss to the Bills. Bessy breaks down the Devils start to the season and Diesel gives his superman thoughts on the Rangers. Finished up with the "Never Again" segment.

Giants are Dead, Chris Gotterup Interview, NFL Picks Competition-Episode 11

October 11, 2023 12:32 - 1 hour - 160 MB

Diesel lets out some steam about the Giants and Obi gloats about his Jets. Also, newest PGA Tour Member joins the show to talk about his Korn Ferry Tour Grind and how it feels to achieve his dream. The conversation shifts to areas way beyond golf. New NFL picks contest where the loser receives punishment from the other hosts.

It's The Hope That Kills You-Episode 10

October 04, 2023 04:17 - 59 minutes - 109 MB

Zach Wilson may save the city. Daniel Jones is having is worst season as a pro. We answer YOUR questions. Full preview of next weeks matchups with Bessy's picks included.

Slippery Slope-Pod 9

September 27, 2023 05:31 - 56 minutes - 105 MB

Bessy and Diesel discuss Giants primetime struggles and a must win for Seahawks. Bessy sources says Kirk to the Jets is a done deal. Judge demands change with Yanks. NFL and College football picks. NEVER AGAIN!

Giants Are Back? - Pod 8

September 20, 2023 03:59 - 54 minutes - 101 MB

Diesel and Bes Pod. Obi took a vacation without letting anyone know. Giants huge comeback win in Week 2. Giants scary matchup vs 49ers Thursday night. Jets struggle against Cowboys and look to turn it around vs New England. College Football week 4 bets. NFL week 3 picks. NEVER AGAIN segment.

Shaved Head Controversy - Episode 7

September 13, 2023 06:10 - 1 hour - 118 MB

NFL is back! Bessy attempts to host this podcast and fails. The Martian tears his UCL. Mets finally got a President of Baseball Operations. Jets lose their messiah on their first drive. Giants get blown out. Diesel shaves his head. New segment presented by Bessy. NFL Picks Week 2.

Haircut Bet - Pod 6

September 06, 2023 05:11 - 49 minutes - 91.9 MB

The Fellas are back. Bessy REALLY bad gambling start in CFB. Yankees on their way to the postseason?!?!?!? Diesel puts his hair on the line with a guarantee. Jets/Bills preview. Who Deserves Better? to cap it all off. CANT MISS EPI!

NFL Preview - Pod 5 Revamped

August 30, 2023 04:25 - 49 minutes - 91 MB

The fellas are back for the 5th straight week. Good riddance Josh Donaldson. Bye Bye Bader. Alonso on the trading block? Jets beat Giants in preseason. Bes goes through his NFL division winners. Bobby Haskins deserves better.

Bessy The Rizzler - Episode 4 Revamp

August 23, 2023 05:45 - 49 minutes - 91 MB

The crew had a wild weekend, that included following around a friend of the program on the golf course, Bessy Rizzing, and a 5:30 Monday morning drive. Jets/Giants Preseason match up talk, Yankees call up the young guns, Mets hide in the shadows of the last wild card spot, and we take questions from the listeners. MUST LISTEN!

Our Lives Are Changing - Episode 3

August 16, 2023 06:33 - 44 minutes - 82.9 MB

Major changes are happening. First we joined a new production service so hopefully the audio is not terrible. Second, Bes and Diesel are going on a weight loss journey with updates to come every Wednesday. Diesel is taking this weight momentum and parlaying it into asking people out on twitter. The Yankees still suck and the NFL preseason is still a tease. Controversial topics like Wander Franco and Michael Oher are discussed. Closed out with a Who Deserves Better of the Week.

Pod 2 Revamped

August 09, 2023 12:36 - 27 minutes - 51.8 MB

The boys are back for the second straight week (no big deal). Hardknocks recap, Giants vs Lions camp, Yankees disaster season. Who deserves better of the week. Brand new segment.

New Beginnings...

August 02, 2023 04:41 - 31 minutes - 58.4 MB

The podcast returns. Diesel and two brand new co-hosts hope to revitalize a once great podcast. NYSDB has finally hired a Jets/Mets guy and brought on twitter's beloved, Big Body Bes. Completely revamped set up and promising start for the fellas.

Season 3 Ep.1

November 01, 2022 10:00 - 1 hour - 121 MB

Diesel is BACK and he has new co host. Dauzie and Diesel talk Giants recent success and Yankees disgusting meltdown while being completely rational and calm.

The Rebirth NYSDB

May 20, 2022 06:22 - 30 minutes - 56.8 MB

NYSDB is back and more determined than ever to bring you what you deserve...Championships. Rangers Stanley Cup Playoff run. Yankees Hot Start. Mets hot start. Giants incredible offseason. Jets draft for the ages. WE WANT CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Episode 34: Yankees Stink

October 06, 2021 11:00 - 17 minutes - 32 MB

Boston fans suck but the Yankees suck even more. The Yankees are the biggest embarrassment in NY sports right now...worse than the Jets, Mets, and Knicks. There is no future with this team.

Episode 33: Giants Talk w/ Clem

September 29, 2021 13:00 - 38 minutes - 72.1 MB

Diesel sits down with @TheClemReport to talk about the Giants recent struggles. Thoughts on Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, Evan Engram, Jason Garrett, and Coach Judge.

Episode 32: Yanks Sweep, Giants Fans PANIC

September 27, 2021 13:00 - 17 minutes - 33.2 MB

Diesel says its time for Jets and Giants fans to hit the panic button. Yankees sweep the Red Sox in a crucial late season series and take the lead in Wild Card race. New York Sports Deserve this.

Episode 31: King Returns

September 21, 2021 13:00 - 26 minutes - 49.4 MB

After a long break....Diesel is back. He recaps everything that has gone horribly wrong since the last time he was on a mic and previews the end of the MLB season and week 3 of the NFL. Tons of Mets, Jets, Giants, and Yankees talk and he doesn't hold back.

Episode 30: Aaron Boone Do Good?

June 22, 2021 13:00 - 19 minutes - 37.1 MB

Diesel shows appreciation for Aaron Boone and his managerial skills this week. Diesel also talks about the shit pumping that the Islanders took and look at the Mets' struggles as of late. Nets are an embarrassment and Eli is always a Giant.