Caitlin and Emily catch up over Celine Dion's documentary and celeb biopics, the misogyny of calling Taylor Swift a bad role model, and whether or not it's okay to ask or share your salary information. Lebron's son is now the nepo-baby extraordinaire, Greece's 6-day work week, and they get salty over restaurant and bill-sharing etiquette.

In case you needed an excuse to stop swallowing, the girls chat microplastics in semen. In case you needed something to celebrate, bee colonies are back on the rise!

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Celine Dion's documentary on PrimeThat article calling Taylor Swift a "bad role model"A great reason not to swallow!!Greece's 6 day work weekThe bee colonies are back!Cait's book: Redemption RoadEmily's book: God of the WoodsFollow for the book giveaway (week of July 10-17 2024)!

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