Individuals working in healthcare have life events or home life events that stress them. Educating them about how to handle these situations and identify their own triggers is important. Their triggers could escalate violence instead of acting as a calming influence. In this episode, this subject and others will be discussed as ways to mitigate the impact of violence


This is episode 3  of the series:  Violence in the Healthcare Workplace

In 2019, over 20,000 American workers suffered trauma from workplace violence. Of these, 70% were employed in the healthcare and social assistance industries.

Then came the pandemic. Like gasoline on a fire, COVID-19 sent stress levels skyrocketing among patients and clinicians alike. Continuing safety concerns have elevated violence in the healthcare workplace to a national issue—one that not all health care professionals may feel equipped to confront. In this podcast, you’ll explore common risks and identify strategies to help manage and mitigate violence in your workplace.

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Series: Violence in the Healthcare Workplace