Economically Yours S02E07

Speaker: Aprajita Sharma, Financial Journalist
Co-Hosts: Charmi Shah & Darshan Joshi

One of the best ways to start your investment journey is via reading, researching and keeping your theory rejuvenated. It takes time and effort to build that growth story, just like India, but it is worth it in the end. Ms. Aprajita Sharma’s journey has been quite rejuvenating and bountiful of returns.

She spoke at length about the recent covid related retail euphoria in the markets, outside noise that one needs to maneuver and the nuances between trading and investing.

Observing basic parameters like ROE, ROCE, debt levels, and strong conviction levels is necessary for retail investors to start their journey in the market.

She strongly believes that IT, digital public infrastructure and consumption theories will continue to pan out in favour of India. Quite a few policies coming in and going out but one needs to stick to their own policy and continue playing the long term game.

These days conversations barely end without AI coming into the picture and how it has already left its mark. However, our guest speaker is of the opinion that one needs to upskill, innovate and keep growing. Tune in now to understand the remarkable journey of a finance-enthusiast woman and how she manages her relationship with money.

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