On this episode, I talk with a good friend of mine from the state of Ohio, Clint Casper. Clint and I have a lot in common, as he has strong whitetail roots with a need to find adventure in the western mountains. When Clint and I get together, it's always full of jokes and a good time, while talking about our own experiences. Specifically, Clint discusses hunting solo in great detail.


Who is Clint Casper? The story of "Extra" the big 191" Ohio Whitetail Getting introduced to adventure hunting How to mentally handle a solo hunt Grow yourself personally through hunting 3 Gear Choices You NEED Being alone in the dark Trying to beat this learning curve one step at a time


Instagram: @casperclint



Facebook: Clint Casper

                East Meets West Outdoors

Doing It SOLO Article - Clint Casper


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