In This Episode You Will Learn About:

Chris and Lori’s Become Aligned course Protecting your creativity in a busy environment like L.A. How Makenzie grew up watching the Food Network Mirror therapy Surrendering to a vision and the guidance of the universe Seeking shareholders who share her vision


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Show Notes:

Makenzie Marzluff is the founder of Delighted By, a high-vibe, better-for-you dessert company. But before that she studied pre-med, moved to Australia for 2.5 years and did a bunch of inner work. When searching for her purpose at the end of her healing journey she heard a message that said, “Makenzie, your purpose is to spread your glitter. It doesn't matter what you do, it matters how you do it.” Join us for this conversation about consciously raising capital, running a business intuitively and why Makenzie’s so passionate about entrepreneurs who are committed to their own healing. 

Question Highlights:

Why is living in Maui so good for your nervous system?  What does leading your business 100% from intuition look like? When you were raising capital for your business, did you start with your vision or the product? What would you say to those people who are waiting to find their business?


Guest Bio:

Makenzie Marzluff is the founder of Delighted By, a high-vibe, better-for-you dessert company, and is most well known for inventing ‘dessert hummus’ in 2015. She went from living in a van and starting the company on her credit cards, to running a multimillion-dollar, women-led organization. Makenzie’s company was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, as well as hundreds of outlets across the globe including Cosmo, Live with Kelly, Good Morning America, Oprah Magazine and Women’s Health.


Makenzie is out to infuse love and light into the supply chain of the food industry by leading in ways that are definitely not talked about in business school. She is launching her book How To Lead A Badass Business From The Heart later this year, and is out to inspire entrepreneurs to follow their fear, surrender to their bigger vision, and leave a legacy of love by spreading their unique ‘glitter’ in the world.