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Ex- are not easy...for anybody...yet there is no future...with the past baggage still hanging around.  Sometimes we hold on energetically, sometimes they said they let us go, but are still hanging on our energy bodies....what would it take for you to release the SHOCK of that relationship and allow your to move forward WITHOUT BAGGAGE of any kind from being with that Ex-

This track will HELP you release those energy blocks, even if you dont know how many were there and even if you dont know how they were affecting you. 

Do share in comments your success stories. I would love to hear.

I congratulate you in advance as the changes you will start to get just by hearing this track regularly.  Fix your cycle, once a day, once in three days or lets say every friday of the week...for as good as six months or three months or an year or more.

The changes are worth it.

And YOU are worth a greater life.


Keep Smiling !

Note : As with all clearings, do not listen to this when around driving, in flight movement or near machines.


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