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In this message Bertie expounds Mat 6 verse 24 and how it relates to finances. We examine prosperity and generosity from a grace foundation, and learn how they relate to contentment, and also that our sowing and reaping do not qualify us for Gods blessing in Christ.

Bertie teaches us about the communion from 1 Cor 11 and our attitude towards it as it relates to what Jesus has accomplished for us. He also explains how this relates to our healing in the body of Jesus.

Bertie expounds Col 2 verse 16 to 23 the warnings of Paul to the Colossians of coming under a law based mentality and how this will beguile us and rob us of our true grace identity. The source and definition of worldliness and how understanding this will keep us from getting back under an earthly performance based identity rather than the revelation of our heavenly seating with Him.