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This message is a must for any person that is serious about true freedom in the area of money, be it as a church leader or in business. Be prepared to be challenged to the core of your belief. You might even what to switch the message of half way through but it promises the fruit of true freedom and life in its truth, listen to the entire message to have a good understanding of what is said.
In this message Bertie asks and discusses the following questions
1.Why do you have a church or business and why do you want it big?
2.What is corrupted wisdom and how to get rid of it?
3.How can we have a growing powerful life without corrupted wisdom?
4.Was Abraham really living in grace or was it a shadow of what was to come?
5.What is the order of Melchizedek really?
6.Should we tithe the tithe of Abraham?

This message is really challenging but a must for the church.

MONEY CRUCIFIED - The tithe eating TITHE (1)