On today’s DolphinsTalk.com Daily Podcast Mike and Ian talk about Ian being a finalist for the NFL FAN OF THE YEAR and his upcoming trip to the Super Bowl. Ian takes us behind the scenes about the entire process, how the news was broken to him by the Miami Dolphins organization, what his emotions are, and what it was like being on GOOD MORNING FOOTBALL on the NFL Network. We also talk about the Deshaun Watson to Miami rumors and if there is any credence to them and do we think it could happen. Plus we talk about why the Dolphins coaching staff is one of two coaching staffs at the Senior Bowl this year and why it means more this year over a normal typical year. And in closing, we discuss the Armando Salguero article in the Miami Herald where some Dolphins players off the record spoke about Tua and questioned if he is the right quarterback for the Dolphins. All of this and more on today’s DolphinsTalk.com Daily Podcast.