On today’s DolphinsTalk.com Daily Podcast Mike and Ian talk about all of the latest news surrounding the Miami Dolphins. They do a final recap of last weeks loss to the Patriots and talk about while yes it is disappointing to lose the game, there were some aspects to take away from that game that might be good long term building blocks. They also talk about this week's upcoming game vs the Buffalo Bills and the challenges that will face the Dolphins this week. Does Miami facing a run-heavy team two weeks in a row work in their favor? How much will the South Florida heat help the Dolphins this week? Can DeVante Parker go this week and give the Dolphins the big weapon they need in the passing game? Plus Chan Gailey is getting some heat for the week 1 offensive performance, Mike and Ian do some Chan Gailey analysis and talk about why it might be unfair to criticize after just one game. All of this and more on the DolphinsTalk.com Daily Podcast.