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If both parties are amicable and in agreement, no consultation is required; services can be signed up for and paid for directly on the website.

Cases Filed:
Riverside County: 5-year marriage, 1 minor child, joint legal and physical custody, no spousal or child support.
Solano County Case: Assets, debts, and children involved; now using the efile system.
2021 LA Judgment Takeover case.
San Francisco new case.
Individual handling own divorce asked numerous questions despite claiming it's easy.
Cases Approved:

San Diego North County: Final divorce date in April, 2 months for court approval.
Sacramento County Case: Final divorce date in May, 2 months for court approval.

Judgments/Settlement Agreements Prepared:
1 Rejected judgment in LA due to filing issues; finalized within a week.
2 New LA cases prepared for efile submission on March 4th.
3 Riverside Judgments prepared; full custody to mom, visitation rights to dad, no spousal or child support.
4 Petition issues identified, likely requiring re-filing and additional 30-day delay.

Direct Working Cases:
3 cases where one party took completed paperwork to their spouse directly to avoid involving a third party.

Sacramento County: Amended petition and response; petition accepted, response rejected due to filing issues.
Default process without agreement for cases without children, alimony, or property.
Waiting period for divorce in California.
Collaborative divorce for same-sex couples in California.