In this Podcast, we have some important updates and insights regarding divorce filings in LA County:

Announcement: There are only 9 days left to file your divorce case in LA County for it to be finalized this year. For example, if you efile a case by December 20th, it can be submitted for approval 30 days later. Typically, we're seeing same-day or next-day approvals. The final divorce date for cases filed now will still be on May 21, 2024.

Consultations: We've had 4 consults recently, showing a growing need for our services.

New Cases/Filings: We've filed 4 new cases in LA County, with clients living in Valencia, Encino, and Castaic. We've also taken over a rejected judgment case in Encino. All these cases are already filed, and we have received filed copies.

Approvals: We've had 3 cases approved in LA County, which were efiled today, indicating a smooth process.

Completed Judgment Packages/Settlement Agreements: We've successfully completed 3 judgment packages and settlement agreements.

Upcoming Approvals: We've efiled 4 judgments with LA County, and we're likely to receive approval on these cases tomorrow.

Training: We'll discuss why we're confident in finalizing your divorce, regardless of your current situation. We emphasize the importance of cooperation from both parties in the process.

Paying Spousal Support: We'll address when and how to pay spousal support, whether it's on the 1st and 15th of the month or bi-weekly when your spouse gets paid.

Asset Division: We'll talk about when and how to divide up your assets during the divorce process. Some clients have already done it, while others choose to do it at different stages, such as during the divorce proceedings or on a specific date.

Stay tuned for valuable insights and updates on divorce filings in LA County!