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#412 Angelic Pick Up Service

February 08, 2023 15:04 - 8 minutes - 3.77 MB

#412 Angelic Pick Up Service     Might there be an angel wanting to escort you to heaven? Now that would be better than any limo ride, or Uber or Lyft ride wouldn’t you say? Let’s talk about such a comforting and real possibility, right now... --- Support this podcast:

#411 Travel Plans With Jesus and the Angels

February 08, 2023 14:50 - 7 minutes - 3.53 MB

#411 Travel Plans With Jesus and the Angels     Are you ready for the best round trip ticket ever? Not only will we believers be with Jesus one day but we will also make a dramatic return trip to earth with our Savior and with the angels.  Are you ready? --- Support this podcast:

#410 Waiting on the Archangels Trumpet

January 28, 2023 02:40 - 8 minutes - 3.65 MB

#410 Waiting on the Archangels Trumpet     Jesus has promised to come for His own, taking us to Himself in what is called the Rapture of the church.  It is encouraging, exciting and comforting all at the same time.  We’ve got to talk about this right now…. --- Support this podcast:

#409 What Angels Know About God's Promises

January 25, 2023 19:21 - 8 minutes - 3.68 MB

#409 What Angels Know About God's Promises  Is the thought of end times scary to you?  Is there another way to look at these troubling things that we see now in our world and things that are promised to come? Let's think about this... --- Support this podcast:

#408 Angels and the Last Days

January 20, 2023 22:17 - 9 minutes - 4.18 MB

#408 Angels and the Last Days     What is going to happen before Jesus Christ returns?  And what part will angels play in the last days before His glorious return? Let’s get into it…. --- Support this podcast:

#407 An Angel Talks About Our Future

January 18, 2023 13:00 - 8 minutes - 3.76 MB

#407 An Angel Talks About Our Future     Daniel is one of our very favorite persons from the O. T.. One day while praying an angle came to him with some surprising information about our future, we need to talk about this right now… --- Support this podcast:

#406 Angels Watching and Witnessing

January 11, 2023 13:00 - 9 minutes - 4.04 MB

#406 Angels Watching and Witnessing     Years ago my mom said to me; Don’t tell me who you are, tell me who your friends are and I will tell you, who you are. So, who are most proud to know and who are you happy to be associated with? Let’s talk…. --- Support this podcast:

#405 An Angel Intervenes

January 06, 2023 13:00 - 6 minutes - 2.94 MB

#405 An Angel Intervenes     Oh how wonderful it is to find Gods plan even in the middle of what we might call an interruption. I have heard it said that the person who expects to be interrupted is never interrupted. Let’s talk about that… --- Support this podcast:

#404 Angelic Party

January 04, 2023 18:08 - 8 minutes - 3.65 MB

#404 Angelic Party     Just think of it, angels gathering together planning a party, maybe it’s your party. And when do you think they do this? Let’s talk… --- Support this podcast:

#403 Angelic Directions

December 30, 2022 13:00 - 8 minutes - 3.83 MB

#403 Angelic Directions     We can see in the Bible a number of what we like to call, divine appointments. A divine appointment is a meeting arranged by God!  Or a set of unmistakable circumstances where we meet a person or find ourselves in a situation unmistakably ordered by God. Let’s consider one with the involvement of an angel, shall we… --- Support this podcast:

#402 The Jail Break Angel

December 28, 2022 13:00 - 9 minutes - 4.34 MB

#402 The Jail Break Angel  Could it be, would such a thing actually take place, where an angel from heaven would spring someone out of jail?  Let's talk about an angelic jail break right now...  --- Support this podcast:

#401 Angels to the Rescue

December 23, 2022 13:00 - 7 minutes - 3.39 MB

#401 Angels to the Rescue     Angels are on assignment, they are God sent secret helpers, to guide and protect and strengthen us along our way.  Let’s consider this, right now… --- Support this podcast:

#400 The Angel and the Rolling Stone

December 21, 2022 13:00 - 7 minutes - 3.34 MB

#400 The Angel and the Rolling Stone.    Get ready because here comes an Angel and an earthquake and a joyous show of strength. --- Support this podcast:

#399 An Angel Brings Strength

December 16, 2022 15:00 - 9 minutes - 4.36 MB

#399 An Angel Brings Strength     Let's walk out onto holy ground as Jesus prays in the garden and receives strength from an angel as suffering for our sins begins. --- Support this podcast:

#398 Can Angels Cook

December 14, 2022 13:00 - 7 minutes - 3.49 MB

#398 Can angles cook?     Thats a funny question, but maybe the message is that when God calls us to a task, He will provide for us all that we need to obey His will for our lives, even if Angel food cake is needed.  --- Support this podcast:

#397 Fallen Angel

December 09, 2022 13:00 - 8 minutes - 3.9 MB

#397 87 Fallen Angel  Yes there is a Satan, and there are fallen angels.  His plan continually is the destruction of lives, to have us use up our lives wastefully. How is it that we gain and hold the upper hand?  Let's talk about that now. --- Support this podcast:

#396 An Angel Delivers A Travel Plan

December 07, 2022 13:00 - 9 minutes - 4.15 MB

#396 An Angel Delivers A Travel Plan.    Step by step God will lead us. Daily He will walk with us. Our trusting His leading each and every day is such a great blessing in our lives.  God has a daily plan for your life. Let’s look into that now!   --- Support this podcast:

#395 Angels Bring Good News

December 02, 2022 13:00 - 7 minutes - 3.37 MB

#395 Angels Bring Good News  Angels visit lonely shepherds with the greatest of news. They tell of an event like no other. It is actually begins the greatest story every told. Let's enjoy the reality of this good news together… --- Support this podcast:

#394 Embracing God's message to You

November 30, 2022 13:00 - 7 minutes - 3.46 MB

#394 Embracing God’s message to You.  I can remember hearing; ‘When you are faced with what you don’t know, fall back on what you do know, namely that God is Good and He loves you’. This being an Embraceable, Timeless and Eternal Truth, what should be our response to His Word?  Let's hear from an angel today regarding the lasting value of the Word of God,… --- Support this podcast:

#393 Don't Argue With the Angel Gabriel

November 16, 2022 13:00 - 7 minutes - 3.47 MB

#393 Don't Argue With the Angel Gabriel. Mixing the word of God with unbelief is most definitely not to be recommended.  Let's take this devotional time and talk about not only the hearing of the Word of God but the heeding of the Word of God as well.  --- Support this podcast:

#392 Angels and Animals

November 11, 2022 13:00 - 10 minutes - 5 MB

#392 Angels and Animals  Do you think that animals are more sensitive to spiritual beings than we are? Can animals see angels?  Have they interacted with them?  Interesting thoughts, yes? --- Support this podcast:

#391 Those Who Saw Angels

November 09, 2022 13:00 - 9 minutes - 4.27 MB

#391 Those Who Saw Angels  Imagine seeing and recognizing that you are looking at angelic being. How might you react, what might you say or do? Let’s talk…. --- Support this podcast:

#390 Angels To The Rescue

November 04, 2022 12:00 - 9 minutes - 4.49 MB

#390 Angels To The Rescue  What does it look like when angels step into history?  When they reach into our lives to lend a helping hand, when angels come to the rescue? Today let’s looking this… --- Support this podcast:

#389 Angelic Workers

November 02, 2022 12:00 - 8 minutes - 4.01 MB

#389 Angelic Workers  Here’s a question: Do you think that angels have a job description?  I mean, what kind of assignments might they have, in particular, regarding our lives? Wouldn’t that be a fun read. Let’s discuss… --- Support this podcast:

#388 Our Angelic Helpers

October 28, 2022 22:04 - 8 minutes - 4.04 MB

#388 Our Angelic Helpers.    Ever think that when you pray for help that the Lord may send an angel to bring you the aide you need?  Pretty exciting thought isn’t it? Let’s talk… --- Support this podcast:

#387 Heaven or Hell, Choose Wisely

October 26, 2022 12:00 - 10 minutes - 4.54 MB

#387 Heaven or Hell, Choose Wisely     What would you say is the biggest choice you have made in your life so far?  Would it be picking your friends, or perhaps what schools to attend, or where to live, or perhaps who to marry or not to marry?  These are big choices that can have profound impact on our lives, to be sure. But the Bible says that our lives here on earth are short and can not even compare with the life after this one.  Yes we are talking about eternity and the choice given to u...

#386 Let’s Focus on Heaven

October 21, 2022 20:01 - 10 minutes - 4.52 MB

#386 Let’s Focus on Heaven     When I was young I used to love sun glasses, I had several pair.  Now my glasses automatically turn dark when outside.  Imagine how different, how so much more clear life would be looking through heavenly lenses.  Our actions our perspective our goals and purposes would come into a new focus, knowing heaven is just around the corner.  let’s look at that now, shall we?  --- Support this podcast:

#385 Who Wants A Promotion

October 19, 2022 12:00 - 9 minutes - 4.55 MB

#385 Who Wants A Promotion.   The bible teaches that the one who is faithful over the little, will be trusted with grater. Imagine then heavenly responsibilities awaiting us in the kingdom of Jesus. Servants of Jesus in the here and now, will continue in service to Jesus, this is truly exciting. So, do you want a heavenly promotion. --- Support this podcast:

384 Romans 5, Heaven and So Much More, Pastor Paul

October 18, 2022 18:41 - 55 minutes - 50.6 MB

Youtube link: Calvary Chapel Life, Live Sundays at 4pm, Wednesdays at 7, live on Facebook. Also, to partner with us in sharing the love of Jesus and the gospel, you may donate on Venmo or at; God bless you. May our Lord's richest blessings be yours. You Are Loved! Pastor Paul --- Support this podcast:

#384 Enjoying Work

October 14, 2022 12:00 - 9 minutes - 4 MB

#384 Enjoying Work     magine work that is always a blessing, that is always fulfilling, where you never get tired, or wear out, or stress out, and where all your God given giftedness is put into action, that’s heaven.  Let’s broaden our understanding of heaven right now…. --- Support this podcast:

#383 We Will Worship

October 12, 2022 12:00 - 8 minutes - 3.69 MB

#383 We Will Worship     Ready to worship like never before? There will be hearts bursting with joy and thanksgiving overflowing.  We will join in with saints through the ages and angels singing along side of us.  I can hardly wait, how about you?  Let’s tune in now…. --- Support this podcast:

#382 You Are Invited To A Celebration

October 07, 2022 14:24 - 7 minutes - 5.42 MB

#382 You Are Invited To A Celebration     Let’s talk about a celebration with a great banquet that you are going to love. Believer, Jesus has a banquet waiting for you, what could possibly be more exciting?  Let’s get into it right now! --- Support this podcast:

#381 The Rewards Table

October 05, 2022 18:01 - 8 minutes - 6.16 MB

#381 The Rewards Table     Who doesn’t like rewards, and today have we got a rewards table for you.  That table is actually Jesus rewards table, and believers will stand before that table and receive rewards for what we do in this life for Him.  Let’s talk about that right now… --- Support this podcast:

#380 Works That Endure

September 30, 2022 15:54 - 9 minutes - 6.74 MB

#380 72 Works That Endure Exciting and encouraging is the understanding that what we do in this life will be tested to see just how genuine it is.  We are going to talk today about works that pass the test.  Works that last right on into eternity. Let’s get into it…. --- Support this podcast:

#379 The Lord Takes Note

September 30, 2022 12:00 - 9 minutes - 6.63 MB

#379 The Lord Takes Note     How gracious of the Lord to see and to remember our acts of love and service to Him and for Him, and not only does He take note of these but also will reward us for them.  Let’s get into that right now…. --- Support this podcast:

#378 Treasures In Heaven

September 27, 2022 15:52 - 9 minutes - 6.58 MB

#378 Treasures In Heaven. Today we are speaking about real wealth, untold riches.  Well, not entirely untold because we are going to talk about them today.  And yes it is not too late to get that bank account going, because this wealth is eternal, that’s right, treasure that never goes away and even now is awaiting the Believer.  Let’s get to it…. --- Support this podcast:

#377 Heavenly Encouragement

September 23, 2022 12:00 - 9 minutes - 6.51 MB

#377 Heavenly Encouragement     Let’s discuss two accounts of miracle touches from heaven. And let’s take in a real life encouragement to keep on praying for our loved ones to find the assurance of heaven by simple faith in Jesus Christ. --- Support this podcast:

#376 Who Will We Recognize in Heaven

September 20, 2022 15:31 - 9 minutes - 6.73 MB

#376 Who Will We Recognize in Heaven     Here are a couple of questions that we have come across a number of times over the years; Will we recognize our loved ones in heaven?  Will we love them like we do today? Great questions, let’s talk about it right now…. --- Support this podcast:

#375 Heaven For Those I Love

September 17, 2022 00:17 - 9 minutes - 7.11 MB

#375 Heaven For Those I Love     “Jesus, remember me when you come into Your kingdom”; are these words familiar to you?  Many of us have questions about those who perhaps had little or even no interest in Jesus during their lives, and here is the question could there have been a change of heart even at the last minute that could have allowed them to be forgiven?  This is well worth our consideration today, join with us now and let’s discuss…. --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.s...

#374 I Will See My Loved Ones

September 13, 2022 12:00 - 9 minutes - 6.92 MB

#374 I Will See My Loved Ones     The Bible is quite clear when it declares; to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.  For those who have gone on ahead of us, yes we mourn, however it is not without the glorious hope of knowing that we will see them again.  So take heart; a sweet reunion lies ahead. --- Support this podcast:

#373 Being With Jesus

September 09, 2022 21:25 - 6 minutes - 4.73 MB

#373 Being With Jesus     What will it be like to actually, literally, in person, be with Jesus face to face?  To be with the One who so loves you, so wanted you to be with Him in eternity, that He gave His life a ransom for you?  Get ready believer, for that same Jesus will welcome you into His Heaven.  Let’s talk about that right now. --- Support this podcast:

#372 Heaven Is A Real Place

September 06, 2022 13:58 - 8 minutes - 7.56 MB

#372 Heaven Is A Real Place     Yes there is a place, a real place, a more real than here, made by God, where is His throne room and it is the destination of everyone who has placed faith in Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of sin. Let’s consider heaven right now! --- Support this podcast:

#371 Out With The Old In With The New

September 02, 2022 12:00 - 8 minutes - 6.56 MB

#371 Out With The Old In With The New      Why was the Apostle Paul so sure that Heaven was a better place?  For one, we here we are promised a new body there.  What do you think about that?  Let’s talk about it right now…. --- Support this podcast:

#370 Torn Between Two Desires

August 30, 2022 12:00 - 5 minutes - 4.34 MB

#370 Torn Between Two Desires      Who remembers that old song; Should I stay or should I go?  Today we have a great opportunity to turn our thoughts toward heaven and as well, get a peek into the heart and thinking of the Apostle Paul regarding his desire for a heavenly home. --- Support this podcast:

#369 Our Real Home

August 26, 2022 12:00 - 6 minutes - 4.77 MB

#369 Our Real Home.    We enjoy looking at homes, seeing the location and considering all that is being offered.  Well, have we got a home for you to consider today.  It's Heaven, is our real home, and how might that affect us today? You see heaven is more than a destination it is our daily motivation as well! It affects how we live today, right now, let's talk about it... --- Support this podcast:

#368 Stand In The Battle and Finish Your Race

August 23, 2022 21:51 - 9 minutes - 4.44 MB

#368 Stand In The Battle and Finish Your Race.    Years ago we sang a song at church with the words; “heaven is a wonderful place, filled with His glory and grace, I want to see my Saviors face, Heaven is a wonderful place…”.  The best place ever imaginable awaits the Believer in Jesus Christ.  the Bible goes as far as to call it, the place of our citizenship  It is heaven that awaits us, Let’s take a closer look at our heavenly address, shall we?…. . --- Support this podcast: https://pod...

#367 Prayer; The Working of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Paul Aguilar

August 22, 2022 00:00 - 54 minutes - 49.6 MB

Taking a closer look at the importance of individual and corporate prayer and of how the Holy Spirit works in us and through us.   --- Support this podcast:

#367 Giving Thanks In Advance

August 19, 2022 12:00 - 9 minutes - 4.52 MB

#367 Giving Thanks In Advance.    Here is a thought; isn’t giving thanks done after a kindness is received?  Well in our relationship with God, our good Father, who is always working on our behalf, what’s to stops our giving continually thanks, now, and later and always?  Answer to that question is, there is nothing to hold us back from being thankful to our Father in heaven at all times.  Let’s talk about that… --- Support this podcast:

#366 Trees Bearing Fruit

August 16, 2022 21:13 - 9 minutes - 4.53 MB

#366 Trees Bearing Fruit.    Who loves fruit trees?  Few things are as enjoyable as walking up to a favorite fruit tree in summer and picking a ripe and delicious piece of fruit.  In a like manner our Lord has made it possible for fruit to come from our lives.  Let’s consider and take to heart the words of Jesus; I am the vine and you are the branches.  Let’s do that now…. --- Support this podcast:

#365 Honoring God With Your Life

August 10, 2022 12:00 - 10 minutes - 4.56 MB

#365 Honoring God With Your Life      When someone is wearing a uniform, they are a reflection of who and what that uniform represents.  In like manner shouldn’t it be our desire to represent God and to live to please Him, since we are His own in this world?   Let’s look further into this right now…. --- Support this podcast: