4.5.6 Skin, founded by Noelly Michoux, was born out of the equity gap in skincare research that values one group’s skin over another. 4.5.6 Skin stands with the undervalued. Noelly's lifetime struggle finding care for her pigment-rich skin isn’t her story alone – nearly 40% of the world gets how she feels.

Because equity is so personal for so many, the brand’s research approach must be personal too. That’s why the 4.5.6 Skin laboratory in France has taken the science of melanin skin an innovative leap forward to customize their melanin skincare formulations to fit consumer needs. There are up to 17 facets blended into your unique skin treatments, thanks to smart data, personalized insight and groundbreaking machine learning that allows 4.5.6. Skin to offer each user a customized skincare routine through their online quiz.

4.5.6 Skin believes bridging the research equity gap is only the beginning. It envisions a world that celebrates melanin skin in all its beautiful hues.


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