Lawyer and PolicyLink Founder-in-Residence Angela Glover Blackwell discusses her new podcast project, Reimagining Democracy for a Good Life, a six-part series that illustrates the potential of our democracy, using L.A. as an example of what is possible when people come together to create change. 

She shares her journey from growing up in a segregated St. Louis, MO in the 1950s and 60s to her role as an organizer during the Black Power Movement to a lifelong commitment to social justice, policy work, and activism. She shares key concepts from her latest podcast including what it means to be a generous leader and a phrase she coined called the “curb cut effect.”

Angela also offers advice on how to stay hopeful and engaged in a time when current events leave many feeling discouraged, and she makes a case for why voting isn’t just about ourselves but about the future generations of people to come after.


Angela Glover Blackwell


Reimagining Democracy for a Good Life (Podcast)