Americans have had more than a year to experience President Joe Biden's administration.

If Biden's slouching poll numbers are any indication, Americans aren't thrilled with the president's performance.

High inflation featuring rising food and gas prices, missing baby formula, and a hyperfocus on race and gender ideology seemingly are beginning to grate on the public's nerves.

In the face of such issues, the common refrain from the president has been that it's not his fault.

To Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., this is just par for the course.

"This is the Biden administration. They lie through their teeth," Palmer says. "They're lying to the American people about why gasoline prices are so high. They're lying to the American people about inflation."

Palmer continues:

We had a hearing yesterday on the energy crisis, the price of gasoline. And I made the point [that] they first blamed it on the pandemic, then they blamed it on [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, then they blamed it on energy company profits. It's not the pandemic. It's not Putin. It's not profits. It's Biden administration policy. And they're not going to change.

Palmer joins this episode of "The Daily Signal Podcast" to discuss the multitude of Biden's failures and what Republicans plan to do to fix the mess.

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