[2020]: things can't possibly get worse. [2021]: hold my beer... Welp, looks like we picked the wrong year to quit Methamphetamines, or oxycontin, or even plain ol' sweet black tar heroin.  With the unimaginable happing on the daily (AND WE'RE ONLY 12 DAYS IN!) it's up to us parents to make sure  we raise our kids better than what we're seeing out there. Its starts with us making changes we need to provide out kids with the best versions of ourselves as examples. I'm talking to YOU, man in the mirror, no not you, the other guy (how did you get in here?) With Pete out this week Mike and Heather (aka @momandburied) really get into it. Oh yeah, and their kids make an appearance too... 2021, you're shaping up to be a real son of a bi*ch!

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