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Episode 210: "Stay Schemin'" (w/ Chilla Jones)


English - February 13, 2024 05:00 - 1 hour - 74.2 MB - ★★★★★ - 56 ratings
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If you’re a fan of #BattleRap then this is definitely a podcast you dont want to snooze on! This week we welcome back the one and only KING PEN Chilla Jones who truly needs no introduction‼️ When it comes to Boston battle Rap he reigns supreme and when it comes to the SCHEMES we haven’t seen anybody do it quite like him at all. This conversation painted with a wide brush of things Chilla is involved in and if you’re an artist looking for longevity, you’re gonna wanna hear what he has to say‼️
Join #CharlieMaSheen & #KASH as they host this sit down w/ Chilla Jones in regards to his tenure in battle rap & #URL, his own battle league #TheTank, and how to make battling a lucrative business. We also talk about Chilla’s musical career with his brother who formed #JonesInk and recently dropped a project titled “Real Money, Fake Friends”, his 3rd year of teaching at the first online hip-hop school, #PendulumInk alongside #MickeyFactz AND SO MUCH MORE‼️ THERE WAS A LOT TO TALK ABOUT BUT YOU KNOW WE COULDNT HAVE ENDED IT WITHOUT CHILLA DELIVERING A JAW-DROPPING #RedCupsAndRap FREESTYLE THATS OUT ON YOUTUBE NOW‼️ PODCAST AUDIO OUT NOW— FULL VISUAL DROPS WEDNESDAY 2/14 @ 12:00PM‼️ TAP INNNNNN‼️