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Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big games...with the law! Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime. New episode every week!

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#235 - Bear Claws & Oral - The Expansiveness of Charles Barkley

November 24, 2020 03:33 - 2 hours - 222 MB

This week, we cozy up to a buffet of wild times, with a man who is world famous, successful as can be, and absolutely pulls no punches, both physically, and verbally. He was an Olympic champion, an NBA MVP, and even a longtime tv personality.  But make no mistake, he will wrestle you away from a cop, so he can throw you through a plate glass window, with very thought about it. He did it all, and told about it all, now we get our chance to talk about it!   Be an Olympic champion, appear as y...

#234 - Gross In Every Way - The Deviantness of Adam Johnson

November 17, 2020 02:59 - 2 hours - 233 MB

This week, we are repulsed by a nice, well mannered Englishman. He was picked out as a child to be a future soccer star, eventually almost lived up to the hype. He had a great career, looks, money, fame, a nice girlfriend & a baby daughter. What could possibly go wrong? Well, he could be accused of about the worst thing that you could do... And that's exactly what happened. It all fell apart at a rapid pace, leaving his life in a smoking heap of rubble. It's Adam Johnson!!   Have everything...

#233 - Hungry For Life - The Ravenousness of Albert Haynesworth

November 10, 2020 03:46 - 2 hours - 238 MB

This week, we head down a path of disaster, with man who gleefully refused to learn lessons, but that didn't stop him from getting a $100 million contract. He was mean to teammates, dirty on the field, and an absolute menace, off the field.  Constantly in court for arrests, getting sued, being sued, and getting hit with paternity suits. This never stops, and he's still getting arrested, as of just a couple of moths ago! It's a non stop screw up party!!   Have all the talent in the world, ca...

#232 - Bad Famous - The Haughtiness of Petr Klima

November 03, 2020 02:59 - 2 hours - 233 MB

This week, we explore the crazy life of a man who was snuck out from behind the iron curtain, to live his dream of playing professional hockey.  As soon as he got to the US, he turned into a loud, arrogant, show boating, irresponsible alcoholic, who refused to obey laws, or rules. Good news is, he fit right in, but the bad thing is, he got arrested way too much. Does he turn it around, or was he better off on a bread line?    Sneak away from a communist nation in the dead of night, immediat...

#231 - An All American Mess - The Masochisticness of Kurt Angle

October 27, 2020 03:32 - 2 hours - 234 MB

This week, we take a look at a very accomplished individual, both in his sport, and at the police station.  He was an American hero, an Olympic gold medalist & even WWE & TNA champion.  Unfortunately for him, all that success comes with plenty of tragedy & stupidity. He always has someone trying to sweep it under the rug, but his problems kept on coming. Find out about one of the craziest cocktails of self destruction we've ever heard of!    Turn all of your sadness into athletic victories,...

#230 - It's EXACTLY Like The Wire! - The Omarness of Reggie Gross

October 20, 2020 03:18 - 2 hours - 232 MB

This week, we find one of the craziest stories in criminal athlete history! He had a rough start, as his dad was stabbed to death when he was 3 days old. He had a decent boxing career, even fighting Mike Tyson, but he was also leading a double life, as an enforcer for a brutal drug gang in West Baltimore. The same gang that was portrayed as "The Barksdales" in The Wire. And you'll never believe who betrays him, and finally turns him in for his vicious string of murders! This one is something ...

#229 - Murder Your Problems Away - The Rancorousness of Steve Skinner

October 13, 2020 03:30 - 2 hours - 226 MB

This week, we explore one of the most unlikely stories we've ever covered. A low level MMA fighter, who only chose to fight as a second career, as it took a back seat to robbing drug dealers, running a drug empire, torturing retirees with hot kitchen utensils, and murdering people in cold blood.  He had to stop fighting, due to a little murder rap, that sent him on the run to South America, where he somehow started another mini empire! This story is unreal!   Fight professionally as a hobby...

#228 - Attack Of The Circus Penis - The Exposedness of Kellen Winslow Jr

October 06, 2020 03:02 - 2 hours - 242 MB

This week, we visit one of the most requested stories out there. His father was a Hall of Famer in the NFL, and he followed in his dad's footsteps into the league, even the same position. Though his playing career wasn't as good as Dad, his crime career is certainly as prolific as anyone in sports history. Let's just say that he liked to "show off", but that isn't all... He also commits some of the most horrific crimes we've ever covered. This one is a bit gross!   Follow your father's lead...

#227 - Eat Your Heart Out, KFC - The Unfamiliarness of Nate "Grave" Driggers

September 29, 2020 03:52 - 2 hours - 227 MB

This week, we dig into the nooks & crannies to find someone who only had a brief moment of sunshine in the NBA, despite his work ethic & talent. He instead filled his time with playing overseas & in smaller pro leagues, as well as starting a couple of businesses.  Unfortunately, that were illegal, and had to do with drugs, guns, train robberies & more! We laugh ourselves silly at what can only be described as seriously nuts. A true gem in the rough!   Put KFC's blend of original herbs & spi...

#226 - The Boozy Murderer - The Willfulness of Ralph "Blackie" Schwamb

September 22, 2020 03:17 - 2 hours - 236 MB

This week, we go back in time, for a story that wouldn't even be possible, today.  He was born in 1926, lived through the depression by learning to gamble, at a young age.  He joined the Navy for WWII, but only because his choice was the military, or jail.  He ended up in military jail, though, due to his constant violence & disappearing.  His wild lifestyle put him in business with both two bit hustlers & famous gangsters.  This all results in a brutal murder, an amazing prison baseball leag...

#225 - A Connoisseur Of Drugs & Violence - The Eloquentness of Michael "Dynamite" Dokes

September 15, 2020 03:49 - 2 hours - 243 MB

This week, we dive back into the "brain damage sports" with a boxer who had plenty. Plenty of fights, plenty of accolades, plenty of money, plenty of brain damage, plenty of cocaine, and definitely plenty of arrests.  He was an intelligent, big afro wearing, own clothes making gourmet chef, and heavyweight champ of the world, as well. But his true love was cocaine. You'll be shocked to hear what he considers "personal use", and even more shocked by his violence against women.  He's a true scr...

#224 - I'm Not Tonya Harding! - The Hardingness of Nicole Bobek

September 08, 2020 03:04 - 2 hours - 247 MB

This week, we go somewhere we don't normally go, to discuss the utterly sad, and truly sorry story of an Olympic Figure Skater.  She began skating at the age of 3, and rebelled pretty much ever since.  She smoked, fought, went out to party, and did all the things that perfect little figure skaters aren't supposed to do... Which is fine, until you get into home invasions & meth use & distribution.  It went really wrong, but can she turn it around?    Pull of a triple axel while smoking a Mar...

#223 - A Most Epic Fall From Grace - The Groundbreakingness of Joe Gilliam

September 01, 2020 03:28 - 2 hours - 243 MB

This week, we transport back to the 70s to look at a man who had it all, talent, ability, style... and a rip roarin' drug habit that consumed all in its path. So much so, that he went from being the first Black starting quarterback in the post-merger NFL era & being on the cover of Sports Illustrated, all the way down to a ton of arrests, including robbing a fast food restaurant at knifepoint, and eventual homelessness.  Did he ever make it back, or did his lifestyle finally take him under, f...

#222 - Pele Never Did That - The Promisingness of Robinho

August 25, 2020 02:45 - 2 hours - 209 MB

This week, we check on a man who was supposed to be the greatest player, ever in his sport. He was even told that by the actual greatest player to ever play his sport.  The possibilities were endless, but life in Brazil was hard, considering the kidnapping of his mother, by a man they call "Brazilian Bin Laden". None of that seemed to give him any respect for women, though, judging by what he why he was convicted.  But will he ever serve his time??   Be told by Pele that you're going to be ...

#221 - Just One Big Misunderstanding - The Heedlessness of Derrick Coleman

August 18, 2020 03:17 - 2 hours - 228 MB

This week, we look at a man who had all the size & ability to be an all time NBA great, but seemed to lack in the desire department.  He did show a desire for getting arrested, as he had many more trips to jail, than the all-star game. He punches people in bars, gets accused of worse, all white referring to himself in the third person & blowing $91 million! What a mess!!   Grow tall & strong, don't ever let anybody tell you anything, and gain the body weight equalling a small human with Der...

#220 - Running Away From The Truth - The Opaqueness of Oscar Pistorius

August 11, 2020 03:43 - 3 hours - 251 MB

This week, we check out a story that starts with a man, born without the usual physical gifts bestowed upon our subjects.  He overcame huge odds to make it to the Olympics, as a disabled person.  While this was all happening, an ego was building inside of him. Everything comes to a head one night, when he fires four shots through his bathroom door, leaving his beautiful, intelligent, famous girlfriend dead, on the other side. He has one story, but the police have a completely different one!  ...

#219 - A Sandwich In Your Neck Hole - The Hungriness of Bobby Czyz

August 04, 2020 04:32 - 3 hours - 255 MB

This week, we travel down the path of a sad, twisty story of a man who started with such promise.  He came from a very abusive family, putting his toughness on display with a championship boxing career.  The problem is, he also couldn't stop getting arrested. Find out why he said he father "made Hitler look like a choir boy", and just what the Gambino crime family had to do with all of this! What a wild journey!!   Have a horribly abusive father, turn your ability to take a beating into a c...

#218 - The Cuban Cowboy - The Bombasticness of Pedro "Pistola Pete" Ramos

July 28, 2020 02:56 - 2 hours - 221 MB

This week, we explore the life of a man who went from the tobacco fields of Cuba, to Yankee Stadium, and nearly pitching a no hitter. But after a lengthy, yet mediocre baseball career, he embarked on several enterprises, such as making cigars, and being involved in the drug trade. Known for dressing up in elaborate cowboy outfits, and always carrying his trademark pistols, he was quite the character... Even in prison. This story spans from Mickey Mantle to the Miami cocaine trade of the 1980'...

#217 - Don't You Dare Call Me Rachel! - The Robustness of Sebastian Janikowski

July 21, 2020 04:09 - 2 hours - 221 MB

This week, we look at a man who came to America, in search of a better life... and apparently to be a jerk. His NFL career was long, but so is his criminal record.  Even with his attempts to try to pass himself off as an innocent foreigner, it's pretty obvious that he k new what he was doing.  The fighting, the drinking, the GHB, more fighting, more drinking... more GHB, and throw in a little bribery, just for fun!   Come from an Eastern Bloc country to make a better life, get away with any...

#216 - Violent, Crazy, Mean & Proud - The Rebelliousness of Jerome "New Jack" Young

July 14, 2020 03:28 - 2 hours - 159 MB

This week, we bring you one of the most anticipated episodes.  One that you've all been asking for. He was considered extra crazy, in a time & business where crazy was the currency. In wrestling, his violence was unparalleled, including using staple guns, a Nintendo, or anything else that could be considered an implement of violence.  Sometimes, this included stabbing his opponent in a less than planned way. Justifiable homicides, drugs, and overall mayhem.  Not only does he admit to it all, ...

#215 - The Cocaine Hall Of Fame - The Quotableness of Micheal "Sugar" Ray Richardson

July 07, 2020 04:19 - 2 hours - 155 MB

This week, we travel back in time for a super swingin', cocaine snortin', late 70's/early 80's good time! He overcame some odds with his immense talent, but hit a major stumbling block with drugs.  He partook in everything the New York lifestyle had to offer. He had all the women, partied at Studio 54 & Plato's Retreat, and snorted millions of dollars up his nose.  Did he ever come out the other side, or did the whole thing end in tragedy? Either way, he has some of the most hilarious quotes ...

#214 - Revenge Of The Nerd - The Falseness of James Munroe

June 23, 2020 03:37 - 2 hours - 130 MB

This week, we take a look at a story that is unlike any we've ever told. A man pops out of nowhere, with a full bank account, and desire to build, and drive for the best racing team in Europe. He bought the hot cars, and lived the life... until it comes to light that he's not exactly who he says he is.  As a matter of fact, he's not at all who he says he is. So, where did the money come from, and exactly who is this guy??   Be a "Gentleman Racer", fly everyone you know on the Concorde, and ...

#213 - With Both Hands Behind His Back... - The Improbableness of James Scott

June 16, 2020 03:08 - 2 hours - 146 MB

This week, we settle in with one of the strangest stories we've ever looked at. A man who never had a chance in life, and quickly screws up any chance he does have, somehow makes himself a legend while serving 30 years in prison. He was a light heavyweight boxing contender, while being incarcerated for many things, including murder. Did he get out of prison, and fulfill his destiny? This story is a whole lot of crazy!!   Do eight years in jail for truancy, mess up your life, just when it st...

#212 - The Jailed Junkie Jerk - The Imperiousness of Bernard Boileau

June 09, 2020 03:43 - 2 hours - 137 MB

This week, we jump over the net to look at a Belgian tennis player who has maybe the craziest origin story we've ever told. He went from these humble beginnings to becoming an arrogant, snobby, jerk, who treated everyone, including his parents, like they were beneath him. This attitude developed into a nasty little heroin habit that destroyed his life & career, while landing him in jail, multiple times.  Does he ever stop his stupidity? Find out!   Have the world all figured out by age 17, ...

#211 - A Prodigy Of Criminal Behavior - The Unswervingness of Corey Dillon

June 02, 2020 02:31 - 2 hours - 148 MB

This week, we take a long look at a man who was no stranger to crime from an early age.  From theft, to selling crack to an undercover officer, to punching women & chasing a man through the streets, holding a large stick... and that's all before he was even of legal age.  With NFL success didn't come the end of his arrests, as he kept up a pretty solid record, throughout the years.  This includes one of the sillier arrests in CIS history! It's Corey Dillon!!   Sell crack to an undercover of...

#210 - An Arrest-Free Celebration!! - The Freeness of Lenny Dykstra w/ special guest Lenny Dykstra

May 26, 2020 01:51 - 1 hour - 102 MB

This week, we check in with a man who we have done two episodes on, but now we check in with the man himself, Lenny Dykstra!! We sit have a chat with Lenny about what he's been up to, since his last arrest, what he thinks about baseball in the age of Covid-19, and exactly what the hell he was thinking when he kept getting arrested!  Lenny is honest, frank, and just an all around good time.  Throughout the episode are voicemails to wish Lenny well, left by some ex-teammates, media personalitie...

#209 - Where Did That Rat Come From? - The Captiveness of Paul Hayward

May 19, 2020 02:34 - 2 hours - 143 MB

This week, we check out a man who played a sport we know nothing about, rugby.  That said, we skip most of the sports, and dive directly into crime.  He tried to make a little extra money, doing some dirty things, and got caught.  In Thailand.  With a LOT of heroin. This leads to a long stint in a nightmarish Thai prison, which causes him even bigger troubles. Listen to it all unravel!   Play two professional sports, hang out with your crime boss brother-in-law, and wind up doing extra hard...

#208 - Championship Level Drama - The Litigiousness of Scottie Pippen

May 12, 2020 04:13 - 2 hours - 160 MB

This week, we look at a very successful person, who never seemed like they'd turn out to be so successful.  He was a six time NBA champion, who played next to the great of all time.  He also spent money in dumb ways, drove a little tipsy, was a little careless with guns, and the police know the address where he and his reality show star wife lived.  Not to mention, more lawsuits than you could shake a stick at, including one that names a 5 year old girl as a target.  What a mess!   Grow tal...

#207 - A Mushy Minded Murder - The Audaciousness of Del Fontaine

May 05, 2020 02:19 - 2 hours - 139 MB

This week, we go back in time to look at man who had it rough.  He had over 100 boxing matches, back before we even knew what CTE was, the 1920's/1930's.  This all resulted in bizarre behavior, culminating with a jealous outburst at both his mistress... and her mother.  He admits to the crime, but will his diminished capacities keep him from hanging in London's gallows? This is a wild & crazy ride through history!!   Go to the bathroom in a freezing hole in the ground, fight so much that yo...

#206 - A Fiend For Violence - The Savageness of War Machine AKA Jonathan Koppenhaver

April 28, 2020 04:05 - 2 hours - 150 MB

This week, we look into a man who makes it REALLY hard to like him.  His first, second, and third responses are all the same, violence. He attacks people in public, in bars, and worst of all, in their own homes.  All the signs were there, but the world wasn't sure just how awful of a human being he is, until he commits an act so heinous, that he may never get out of prison!   Screw up every opportunity that you get, make sure to say all of your craziest thoughts in public, and never, ever s...

#205 - Diving Into Death - The Ironicness of Bruce "The Comeback Kid" Kimball

April 21, 2020 02:58 - 2 hours - 132 MB

This week, we jump into the deep end of a murky pool.  A man who was raised to be a champion, from the time he was in diapers.  He was on a clear path to a gold medal when tragedy struck, and he was severely injured in a car accident.  His remarkable comeback, all the way to the Olympics was nothing short of amazing, but he quickly threw it all away.  In the end, people are killed, and so is a legend!   Work your way back from horrific injuries, throw it all away with booze & pills, then li...

#204 - Handcuffs & Wedding Rings - The Domesticatedness of Jerramy Stevens & Hope Solo

April 14, 2020 03:50 - 2 hours - 155 MB

This week, we take a look at a guy whoo seems to have been getting arrested since birth.  From high school, and beyond, he developed a pattern of having no regard for rules, the law, or other human beings, then having people get him out of trouble.  He continues this pattern, until he meets his future wife, soccer star, Hope Solo. She seems to fit right into his lifestyle, as they end up entangled with police, as a couple, on more than one occasion, in addition to having her own problems with...

#203 - More Lives Than A Drug Addicted Cat - The Profligateness of Marty Jannetty

April 07, 2020 04:12 - 2 hours - 163 MB

This week, we bodyslam our way through the story of a man who defines the term "wasted potential". No one in wrestling history has been given more chances to be employed, or screwed those chances up quite so badly.  He did plenty of drugs, fought cops in bar parking lots, and that's only the beginning. Tales of his debauchery are legendary. Some are hilarious, and some are downright criminal. He is a unique kind of disaster!   Have sex with your cousin, snort your way out of every job you g...

#202 - The Junkie Debating Society - The Obstinateness of Alan Wiggins

March 31, 2020 04:39 - 2 hours - 155 MB

This week, we check out a nearly forgotten baseball player, who was once the catalyst behind a team that went to the World Series, but just a few short years later, he was out of the sport, all together.  Why?  Cocaine, and plenty of it. Also, he had quite the attitude, causing fights with everyone from friends, to teammates, to his team's manager. His post-baseball life was sad one, complete with a penthouse apartment, specifically for shooting heroin.  This is a wild tale!   Live your chi...

#201 - Pouring Champagne On A Fire - The Downhillness of Steve "Franchise" Francis

March 24, 2020 04:04 - 2 hours - 151 MB

This week, we talk about a man who somehow went from dropping out of high school, to the NBA in a matter of a few years.  He sold crack, and ran the streets but always kept his basketball dreams alive, and eventually it paid off, at least in money.  But he has been full of problems like being belligerent to cops, drinking to excess, getting robbed, committing a burglary, and a whole lot in between.  He leaves you with only one question... WHY??   Drop out of high school, be intimidated by C...

#200 - Elvis Dies Tonight - The Vengefulness of Tim "Doc" Anderson

March 17, 2020 04:22 - 3 hours - 168 MB

This week, we take an extra long look into one of the strangest stories that we've had in all 200 episodes.  A boxer, a large, redheaded man called "Elvis", drugs, a threatened quadriplegic, guns, murder... This story has it all.  When a boxer feels he is wronged by his slimy manager/promoter, he takes matters into his own hands.  Was it justified, or just a brain damaged delusion? Find out!   Spike up your hair, take your vitamins, and kill Elvis with Tim "Doc" Anderson!!   Check us out,...

#199 - Heads Are For Hitting - The Conspicuousness of Mark Gastineau

March 10, 2020 03:25 - 2 hours - 147 MB

This week, we follow the trail of a man who has been living on the edge for 40 years. A star NFL player, from a tiny school, that ends up setting the single season sack record.  He also started a Studio 54 brawl, went out with movie stars & models, had a crazy mustache, and got arrested.  A lot.  Court orders mean nothing, and people who don't want to be slapped around, mean even less.  Can he turn it around to something positive, or will his story end sadly??   Dance your best sack dance, ...

#198 - Many Musclebound Murders - The Anabolicness of David Bieber

March 03, 2020 04:04 - 2 hours - 154 MB

This week, we look at a man who was obsessed with looking good.  He even tried to make a career of bodybuilding, but ended up selling steroids, getting involved in love triangles, and plotting murders. Just when police are closing in on him, he disappears. Seemingly gone for good, but actually living in a another country, and under an assumed name.  Will he just quietly hide out, or brashly make his presence known, and participate in more horrific murder??    Fill yourself full of steroids,...

#197 - Hard To Defend - The Irritableness of Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

February 25, 2020 04:04 - 2 hours - 141 MB

This week, we check out a fighter, with fierce reputation, in the ring, and a less than stellar reputation, outside of it. He came from a less than ideal background to make it to the top level of MMA, but little things, like pesky arrests kept getting in the way. From his history, let's just say that he seems to have a slight problem with women, and leave it at that. Bruised girlfriends, and flying yogas mats are his specialty.  But will that lose him his job, or will it be pushed aside?   ...

#196 - A Violence First Approach - The Hardness of Vinnie Jones (And The Scummie Awards!!)

February 18, 2020 12:07 - 2 hours - 157 MB

This week, we look into a man who always used violence as a first resort.  He was a football mainstay due almost entirely to his force of will, and the sheer terror that he inflicted on his opponents. On the streets, he seemed to approach life the same way, and when you get up in the sky, he's even more aggressive.  Luckily for him, he turned this image into a pretty healthy movie career, becoming a familiar face, all over the world.  It's Vinnie Jones!! Also... THE SCUMMIE AWARDS!!   Stri...

#195 - When Sad Becomes Stupid - The Insistentness of Mookie Blaylock

February 11, 2020 04:18 - 2 hours - 155 MB

This week, we celebrate our 4th anniversary, and head down the road with a man who certainly shouldn't be driving.  He fought his way from community college, to a big time program, to being an NBA All-Star, seemingly using nothing but will, and determination. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to have the determination to not get arrested.  His actions escalated, until a seemingly inevitable tragedy takes place.  Will he ever learn his lesson?   Fight your way to the NBA all-star game, get very ...

#194 - The Death Of An Image - The Depravedness of Rusty Torres

February 04, 2020 04:01 - 2 hours - 148 MB

This week, we find out about a man who lived his childhood dream, making it to the major leagues, and even on to his lifelong favorite team.  His baseball career fizzled out, but after a couple bumps in the road, he pulls his life together, and even does good for the community. That is, until shocking, and horrifying charges are leveled against him, and nobody thinks he's such a great guy anymore! This one is insane!!   Work your whole life to achieve a goal, then achieve that goal, and mak...

#193 - None Of This Is Good For You - The Capriciousness of John Kordic

January 28, 2020 04:14 - 2 hours - 154 MB

This week, we try not to blink because we would miss this shooting hockey star, and his unraveling life.  A Canadian kid, achieving his goal by making it all the way to the NHL, and serving as the resident goon, beating up anyone in his path. The problem is when you have a propensity for violence, and you mix it with a cocaine addiction, and an enormous amount of steroids, you get a whole lot of insane things happening, in a very short amount of time!   Skate around with the Stanley Cup, ne...

#192 - Money Never Sleeps... In Jail - The Exacerbatingness of Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr

January 21, 2020 05:01 - 3 hours - 168 MB

This week, we check out the life of one of the richest, most successful athletes in the world.  Unfortunately for world, and especially for the women in his life, he is an absolute jerk, in every sense of the word.  From jealous rages, to controlling people with his money, and lashing out at home owner's association security guards, bouncers, jail guards, or anybody who happens to be around, this guy never misses an opportunity to disappoint!!   Be an undefeated champion, own a fleet of the...

#191 - Dancing To His Own Beat - The Restrainedness of Clarence Kay

January 14, 2020 03:47 - 2 hours - 154 MB

This week, we explore the life, and considerable screw ups of a man who was a national champion in college, and played in three Super Bowls, only to be overshadowed by a slew of almost innumerable run ins with police. He is apparently a terrible driver, and he makes it even worse by never having a license. What he does have, is a lot of cocaine, and several women with orders of protection against him for his insane behavior!    Play in multiple Super Bowls, but never win one, always test po...

#190 - The Prince Has Problems - The Troublesomeness of Brian "Grandmaster Sexay" Christopher Lawler

January 07, 2020 04:11 - 2 hours - 158 MB

This week, we check out what it's like to follow your legendary father's footsteps into the profession that made him famous.  We find out that it has advantages, and disadvantages, but it doesn't explain the road that he went down.  He just couldn't understand that taking several different kinds of drugs, on a regular basis, wasn't a good life plan.  The whole thing comes to an absolutely crazy conclusion, filled with many more questions than answers!!   Struggle to follow your famous fathe...

#189 - Funkadelic Toothlessness - The Flyness of James "Fly" Williams

December 31, 2019 03:50 - 2 hours - 136 MB

This week, we check out a legend of the New York City playground basketball scene, who made it all the way to the pros, before his interesting personality, and flair for the dramatic got him banished back to the playground, and eventually to a much worse place than that. He seemingly cleaned up his act after recovering from a gunshot wound, and some time in prison, by helping kids, and becoming a role model... until the police came breaking down the door, accusing him of being a drug kingpin!...

#188 - Killing In The Name Of... - The Senselessness of Mark "Gator" Rogowski

December 17, 2019 04:03 - 2 hours - 162 MB

This week, we circle back, and take a fresh look at a man who we covered in our 10th episode, with an all new episode! He was a beloved, and famous icon of skateboarding, in the 1980's, until things started to go downhill, both personally & professionally. His dark path continued until it culminated in one of the most heinous, horrid things that we've ever talked about. He's a truly awful person, and we have so much information that we didn't have time for, way back in 2016!!   Be an innova...

#187 - Porn Stars, Brain Damage & Murder - The Variableness of Justin "The Executioner" Levens

December 10, 2019 03:03 - 2 hours - 145 MB

This week, we try to get into the head of a man with a tough upbringing, that put his anger into fighting, inside the ring, instead of in the street.  He eventually worked his way up to UFC, but injuries, lack of conditioning, and a serious drug habit kept him from becoming a champion. As his life unravels, and he faces charges in court, and the end of his fighting career, he does something so drastic, that there's no coming back from it!   Grow up angry, develop a nasty drug habit, and do ...

#186 - He Offers No Apologies... Or Candy - The Pleasantness of Albert Belle

December 03, 2019 03:34 - 3 hours - 167 MB

This week, we duck flying objects as we look at a man who exhibited behavior that can be described best as "aggressive", and at worst as "insane".  He was an eagle scout, and an honor student, but he unleashed a real fury when he played... and the rest of the time, too. No one was safe, teammates, thermostats, clubhouses, girlfriends, strangers, fans, trick or treaters, Hannah Storm, it really didn't matter. This guy was a general menace, and it's simply hilarious!    Be one of the best hit...


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