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From the viral Instagram account @CommentsByCelebs comes the much awaited Comments By Celebs Podcast. Emma Diamond & Julie Kramer, the creative minds behind the account and self-proclaimed celeb experts, talk all things pop culture. Having a hard time keeping up with your favorite stars? They’re here to keep you informed. On Monday, Emma and Julie do a general pop-culture breakdown of everything that transpired in the last week. They come prepared with the facts, timelines, and analytical discussions - leaving you feeling like an expert. The second episode of the week is a ‘Kardashian Bonus Show,’ where Emma and Julie recap throwback and new episodes of KUWTK. The week’s last episode - dedicated to all things Bravo - is hosted by Emma and Isabel Greenberg, the third member of the CBC team. They break down any news in the Bravo world, as well as give detailed and analytical episode reactions. It’s your one stop shop for everything Bravo. Between the extensive research done for each episode and these women’s organic and close friendships, this is the perfect way to get completely caught up, while feeling like you’re hanging out with your friends.

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Bravo: ULTIMATE GIRLS TRIP + Southern Charm Premiere & More.

June 24, 2022 20:34 - 1 hour

Emma and Isabel spend the majority of this episode breaking down their experience at the Ultimate Girls Trip premiere, and their overall thoughts on the first 3 episodes - the environment, casting, dynamics, and more.  They then get into a discussion about the Southern Charm premiere, a breakdown of the Craig/Paige/Naomie timeline of events, and how the cast will interact this season.  They end with their top line thoughts on this weeks' Atlanta and Beverly Hills  @ryanntweets_: https://twitt...

Bonus Show: Kardashians Filming, Kim & Pete, Khloé Dating Rumors, Kendall & Devin Breakup, & More..

June 23, 2022 23:00 - 47 minutes

Now that season one of The Kardashians has sadly come to an end, Emma and Julie use this week’s bonus show to discuss some of the news happening in the Kardashian/Jenner world. First, they momentarily mourn the loss of Season 1, and discuss the plan for the Kardashian Bonus Show in the interim between seasons. They then tell a quick story about a Kim NYC spotting this week. Next up is Kris & executive producer Danielle King on the Crew Call podcast, where they confirmed some of the content be...

Ep. 292: JLo Documentary, Celeb Beauty Brands, Austin Butler, Kim & Pete in Tahiti, & More.

June 20, 2022 22:25 - 51 minutes

Emma and Julie begin by discussing JLo’s documentary ‘Halftime,’ and reflect on how much they enjoyed it. They then talk about the launch of Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skincare, and some of the public’s response. Then, Beyoncé’s album announcement, and Austin Butler being stuck as Elvis. Celeb documentary impression: Austin Butler: The Kardashian Recap includes Kim & Pete in Tahiti and Iman Shumpert’s comments about Tr...

Comments By Bravo: WWHL, Beverly Hills in Mexico, Marlo & Sheree, Dubai, & More.

June 17, 2022 18:03 - 49 minutes

Isabel and Emma begin discussing the epic week of Watch What Happens Live guests/episodes and Andy’s segments with Kyle Richards, Marlo Hampton, Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers. Andy & Kyle WWHL:  RHOBH ~3:00  The BH women are in Mexico, and Emma & Isabel get into the dynamics between the shoppers and the surfers. They also deeply dissect Erika’s out of character behavior, Garcelle and Kyle, and everyone’s ulterior motives. @DannyPellegrino RHOBH tweet: http...

The Kardashians: Finale Recap

June 16, 2022 23:33 - 51 minutes

And that’s a wrap. Emma and Julie begin with the last minute of the final episode: the post-credits BTS Pete confessional content we absolutely live for. They then spend the majority of the episode discussing the Khloé & Tristan of it all. One of the more interesting moments stemmed from the conversation between Kim & Khloé, where Kim alluded to just how difficult her relationship with Kanye had become. We also see the making of Kris Jenner’s Jingle Bells, and the start of Pete and Scott’s bu...

Ep. 291: Britney’s Wedding, Kim & Pete Beach Content, Bieber, Jennifer Hudson EGOT, & More.

June 14, 2022 18:22 - 44 minutes

Kim hit us with the Pete DR content right before recording, so Emma and Julie started with a brief discussion about the photos (more on that at the end of the episode, when they did a full blown slide-by-slide reaction.) Next up: Britney Spears is married!!! They broke down all the details we have so far, the public’s general happiness for her, and her ex Jason Alexander trespassing / physical altercation with security. They then discussed Justin Bieber’s Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis, as we...

Comments By Bravo: Dubai Premiere, Ramona & Teresa, Lisa Hochstein, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, & More.

June 10, 2022 21:08 - 51 minutes

Emma and Isabel are back and start this week off strong with some tweets from Lisa Hochstein alluding to her divorce, plus their thoughts on Ramona leaking Teresa’s wedding invitation. RHOBH ~10:00  They then begin with this week’s Beverly Hills, which put them back in a confusion. They debrief Crystal bringing up Sutton’s previous comments, Erika bringing things back to her, and Garcelle’s importance in the group. Plus, they honor Lois Rinna and applaud Dorit’s bravery to share her healing j...

The Kardashians Ep. 9 Recap

June 09, 2022 23:07 - 1 hour

What. An. Episode. The last 5 minutes of this were some of the most riveting reality television we’ve ever seen. Emma and Julie get into it all: Kim’s thoughts on Pete and the BTS of her SI shoot, Kourtney’s major fourth wall break + Benny Drama, and - most importantly - the Tristan court documents heard round the world. That gym scene!!!! The three way phone call, Kylie’s sentiments on Tristan, Khloé calling Kim back, and Kim’s bicep curls in the midst of it all. They break it all down..with...

Ep 290: A Kim & Pete Debrief

June 06, 2022 22:42 - 57 minutes

Have to imagine you all were as shook as Emma and Julie hearing Kim say, “I heard about this BDE .. and I was basically just DTF.” Absolutely lost it. Since they were off last week, Emma and Julie spend the majority of this episode debriefing what we missed in the Kim & Pete world - both scenes from Ep. 8 and paparazzi shots. (And the salad shake fourth wall break.) They also discuss Lori Harvey & Michael B. Jordan’s breakup & more.  Bethenny speech: High...


May 27, 2022 18:57 - 1 hour

This was a fun one. We got a lot this episode: Kim’s archive, Khloé’s new house, BTS Kim’s Balenciaga campaign, Travis & Kourtney’s sex cleanse, a Vogue showdown, and more. We also watched Kris and Kylie’s amusement at the most mundane of activities and Kim’s self exploration in the post-Kanye era. Most importantly, we got confirmation that next week’s episode will give us the breakdown of how Kim and Pete came to be.  Travis Arch Digest: Handbag Tiktok: https:/...

Comments By Bravo: Dina & Dolores, Beverly Hills in La Quinta, Atlanta in Jersey, & More.

May 26, 2022 22:47 - 1 hour

Isabel and Emma begin with a reminder for all listeners to watch Ramona’s Instagram stories from over the weekend.  They then get into an update on the ongoing Dina/Dolores/Teresa dynamic, and a new two word comment that has added a new layer to the complicated dynamic - claiming Dolores wrote a letter defending Dina’s ex. Page Six Article:  This weeks episode ...

Ep. 289: Kravis Wedding

May 23, 2022 23:25 - 57 minutes

POV you’re in Portofino, Italy this week to celebrate Mr. And Mrs. Barker. Emma and Julie get into every detail we know so far from the lavish wedding: the guest list, fashion, posts, location, & more. They also get into the BTS content we received (mostly from MVPs Alabama & Kylie), and how these real-time updates felt unique for a Kardashian affair.  They of course also touched on Kim’s hot pink nail with an embellished ‘P’ on her ring finger - which led into a discussion of Pete leaving SN...


May 20, 2022 14:38 - 1 hour

An emotional episode this week. Emma and Julie begin with the conversation following Kendall and Scott’s heated argument last week - plus Khloé, Kourt & Kendall discussing it all together. They also dive into the Tristan dynamic, and what we can gather from Khloé’s description of their relationship. They then get into the Kim of it all - Kanye, her legal journey, and more. Most importantly, they reflect on the criminal justice reform work highlighted in this episode, and the importance in bri...

Comments By Bravo: The Hochsteins, Jersey Reunion, Diana Jenkins, Atlanta Tea, Summer House, & More.

May 19, 2022 21:26 - 1 hour

An absolutely stacked, epic week of news and episodes. Isabel and Emma begin with a follow-up/sad confirmation that Lenny and Lisa Hochstein will be divorcing. They get into Lenny’s new girlfriend and what’s next for Lisa (and her closet / Medspa.) @TheKempire TikTok:  They then begin with all things Jersey - from the husbands on WWHL, Melissa and Joe’s podcast comments, and the incredible conclusion to the reunion. They debrief mor...

Ep. 288: Kravis Married, Jason Momoa, TikTok Drama, Pete Davidson x Kris Jenner, & More

May 16, 2022 22:52 - 55 minutes

Emma and Julie begin by discussing the AstroWorld/Kendall Miami timeline confusion that was brought to their attention after last week’s episode of The Kardashians. Then, Kourtney and Travis are married!!! They discuss the details we know so far - the courthouse steps, MJ and Mr. Barker in attendance, the convertible, the wedding speculation, & more. They then discuss the couple’s cameo on Alabama Barker‘s live, and how off brand (but incredible) this all is for a Kardashian. This snowballs i...


May 13, 2022 18:07 - 1 hour

Happy Birthday, Kris Jenner. This episode gave us so much. Not only are we witness to the first time Scott, Kourtney & Travis are in the same room post-engagement - we get a full AD style tour of Kris’ new home, Kim’s first acknowledgement of Pete, Kanye insight, a Hailey Bieber cameo AND Rob Kardashian in the corner of a scene.  Emma and Julie analyze every single important moment, with palpable excitement throughout.  Hilaria cucumber reference:

Comments By Bravo: Lisa & Lenny, Beverly Hills Premiere, Atlanta, Jersey Reunion Pt.2, Summer House Reunion Pt.1, & More.

May 12, 2022 21:09 - 1 hour

Stacked week of episodes!! Emma and Isabel begin with some news about Lenny and Lisa Hochstein and drama that went down in Miami over the weekend. Page Six Article:  RHOBH ~4:00 They then get into the premiere of Season 12 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - seeing Dorit’s robbery and hearing her firsthand account, the women’s support (or lack thereof), and how the episode as a whole set the tone f...

Ep 287: An Episode of Tangents

May 09, 2022 23:32 - 45 minutes

This episode was slightly less structured than normal. Emma and Julie start out by discussing the star-studded bat mitzvah that was all over their TikTok for you pages, only to find out it was none other than that of Adam Sandler’s daughter, Sunny.  Mentioned TikTok: They then get into A$AP Rocky’s music video for his song, D.M.B., and the brief moment the entire internet thought him and Rihanna were engaged.  Paparazzi photos BTS music video: https://www.h...


May 06, 2022 17:15 - 1 hour

This was an episode for the absolute books. The fact that we got not only the entirety of Kourtney & Travis’ engagement, but also the Khloé & Tristan timeline, Kourtney & Travis at the IVF Doctor, AND Kim explaining the Kanye SNL walk-out - 10/10, no notes. Emma and Julie get into it all, with various tangents along the way. They also come on for a soft open recorded Friday morning to add in a few details they noticed they missed when editing. Shop our merch: Codes: ...

Comments By Bravo: Jersey Reunion Pt.1, Summer House Finale, Atlanta Premiere, & OC Reunion Pt.2

May 04, 2022 21:15 - 1 hour

So many exciting episodes to recap this week. Emma and Isabel begin with the first part of the Jersey reunion and really get deep into Teresa’s current standings with all of the women. They analyze her not inviting Dolores to her engagement party, the Melissa/Joe of it all, and how her life will dictate her future on the show. Summer House ~31:00 Next, they discuss the incredible finale of and incredible season of Summer House, where we finally see Amanda and Kyle tie the knot and Carl and Li...

Ep. 286: Met Gala Recap, Kim & Pete, Olivia Wilde/Jason Sudeikis, & More

May 04, 2022 00:04 - 1 hour

Emma and Julie begin with the initial freak out after watching the BTS video of Kim & Pete at the Ripley’s fitting. They begin with a full discussion of all things Kim x Marilyn dress. They get into the details, the glam, and the danger around the ‘down 16 pounds in 3 weeks’ discourse. Then - of course - the Pete of it all. They then got into a more general discussion on the MET Gala, ending with a heated discussion on the SCOTUS leak that broke mid-evening. Next - Olivia Wilde being served w...


April 28, 2022 22:37 - 1 hour

As suspected, the now infamous black Gucci suitcase contained the computer and hard drive. What a moment. Emma and Julie break the episode into two parts: Kim SNL + sex tape, and the Kravis engagement. They analyze every moment of the sex tape situation: Kanye flying coach, the power of seeing the tangible representation of the ending to this saga, the meaning behind the paparazzi photos, and more. Then, all things Kim SNL are recapped - her conversation with Corey, her interactions with the ...

Comments By Bravo: Summer House Prom, OC Reunion Pt. 1, Teresa x Marge, & More.

April 27, 2022 18:38 - 1 hour

Sooooo many Bravo thoughts this week. Emma and Isabel begin with a few things they can’t wait to get off their chest: Lindsay’s Instastories explaining her and Carl’s relationship + some comments Craig made, some of the RHOBH ladies on Teddi’s podcast, and first reactions to the Jersey reunion trailer. Summer House ~17:00  They first recap the last weekend in The Hamptons, breaking down Carl and Lindsay’s spark at prom night, Craig surprising Paige, Mya and Oliver, and Andrea being an amazing...


April 21, 2022 21:42 - 1 hour

Week 2 of The Kardashians is in full swing. Emma and Julie organize this recap similarly to last week - debriefing each plot line, as opposed to going through the episode scene-by-scene. First, they discuss the brief follow up to Kim’s sex tape and the entirety of her SNL journey. Then, Kourtney & Travis - the house hunt, the fertility journey, and the proposal. Lastly, they focus on Khloé’s vulnerability in sharing her struggles with anxiety and fear of the internet trolls. It feels so good ...

Comments By Bravo: Ashley & Michael Darby, Summer House Dinner, Jersey, OC Finale, & More.

April 20, 2022 22:27 - 49 minutes

Isabel and Emma begin with the news that Ashley and Michael Darby are separating. They discuss her statement to Bravo, their relationship overall, and what her future / this season of Potomac will hopefully bring. The Daily Dish article: Summer House ~9:00 They then debrief this week’s episode of Summer House where there was *a lot* going on. From Lindsay and Amanda’s convo, Paige and And...

Ep 285: A$AP & Rihanna, Bennifer, Coachella, Kardashian Recap, & More

April 18, 2022 23:01 - 57 minutes

Emma and Julie begin with a breakdown of the viral cheating rumor about A$AP Rocky that took the internet by storm and later proved to be false. They then touched on Rihanna’s Vogue profile, and her comments about A$AP / her motherhood journey. Then, they give the update on Ben Affleck and JLo’s bathtub engagement - as provided by the On The JLo newsletter. Next, a brief conversation on Coachella, and how TikTok changed the game in terms of pulling the curtain back. Lastly, the Kardashian rec...


April 14, 2022 23:50 - 1 hour

The day has finally come. After almost a year of anticipation, The Kardashians premiered on Hulu. And goddamn does it feel good to be back. Emma and Julie break down every aspect of the season premiere - the aesthetics, the plot lines, the fourth wall breaks, and the season preview trailer. After a conversation about the opening BBQ, they organized the discussion by storyline: first Kourtney & Travis, then Kim’s SNL, Kanye & the sex tape journey, then the Scott of it all, and - lastly - Khloé...

Comments By Bravo: Garcelle & Erika, Summer House Bonfire, Jersey in Nashville, & More.

April 13, 2022 18:31 - 55 minutes

Emma and Isabel begin this week by debriefing some of the drama going down on social media between Erika and Garcelle and the now infamous story of Erika throwing Garcelle’s book in the trash, plus some tweets and other insights into the dynamics of the season. Summer House ~ 7:00  They then get into this week’s episode of Summer House, breaking down the beach bonfire, Mya/Oliver, Lindsay/Ahmed, the hilarious party bus ride to the winery, and Amanda accidentally stirring up an issue when they...

Ep 284: Kim & Pete, Bennifer Engaged, Britney Spears, Beckham Wedding, Kardashian Recap, & More

April 12, 2022 20:08 - 1 hour

What. A. Week. Emma and Julie - naturally - begin with the initial joy/excitement they got from Kim’s Instagram in a booth at Jon & Vinny’s with Pete. Then, the news that Britney Spears is expecting a child with Sam Asghari. Next, they dive deep into the Bennifer engagement: announcement, timeline, surprising public reaction, nostalgia, logistics, THE RING, and so much more. Also mid-conversation they find out Rihanna is on the cover of US Vogue. The wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Pel...

Comments By Bravo: Beverly Hills Trailer, Summer House, OC in Aspen, Jersey, & More.

April 08, 2022 20:43 - 1 hour

Isabel and Emma begin analyzing every detail of the Season 12 trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  They debrief the most shocking/interesting moments and give their immediate reactions and predictions for the upcoming season - which looks amaaaaazing. Drama tweet:  Summer House ~14:00 They then get into a lengthy discussion about this week’s Summer House - the aftermath of the wine throwing, Lindsay and Ciara’s convers...

Kardashian Bonus Show: Kravis in Vegas, ABC Interview, Kimmel, Pete in Calabasas, & More.

April 07, 2022 19:56 - 52 minutes

*This episode was recorded Wednesday night, so Emma and Julie recorded a brief intro Thursday morning to debrief the Jimmy Kimmel interview.* Emma and Julie begin by discussing the family’s ABC special with Robin Roberts that aired Wednesday night. They analyze why it was different than the sit-down style interview they were anticipating. They then, naturally, discuss the photos released of Pete and North driving around Calabasas in Kim’s pink Moke car (given to her by Kris for Christmas.) ...

Ep 283: Grammys, Oscars Follow-Up, Pete & Scott, Kanye Coachella, & More

April 05, 2022 00:04 - 48 minutes

Emma and Julie started out with a brief discussion on the Grammy’s: recipients, performances, red carpet, and more. Next, a brief recap on what’s transpired with Will Smith since last weekend. They then acknowledged the sad news that Bruce Willis has retired from acting, amid his aphasia diagnosis.  Cindy Crawford / Dua Lipa: The Kardashian recap begins with Scott’s insta story of Pete driving Kim’s pink golf cart. They then cover the Skims campaign wit...

Kardashian Bonus Show: Robin Roberts Interview, Tyga & Rob on IG, Pete’s Tattoo, Skims, & More

April 01, 2022 18:24 - 43 minutes

This was a ride. Emma and Julie start out by discussing the teasers for the family’s sit down with Robin Roberts. They hypothesize what will be divulged, as well as what we can maybe expect from the premiere. Mid-recording, there’s a massive spider Emma kills - and they decide to keep that part in as a compliment to the already rogue energy of this episode.  They then get into the Rob Kardashian & Tyga interaction on IG - the metrics of the post, the details of the payments, and more. Then, a...

Comments By Bravo: Summer House Dinner, RHONY News, Jersey, OC, & More.

March 30, 2022 21:31 - 50 minutes

Emma and Isabel begin this week’s episode with the news that RHONY will be organized into 2 new shows, and what the untraditional format means for Bravo & shows moving forward. They also touch on Karen Huger’s homecoming special and how the Grand Dame deserves spotlight. They then dedicate the bulk of the episode to this week’s episode of Summer House, specifically the last 10 minutes...

Ep 282: Oscars 2022 Debrief

March 28, 2022 21:53 - 40 minutes

Emma and Julie spend the majority of this episode discussing the most talked about moment of the evening: Will Smith and Chris Rock’s heated confrontation on live television. They are basically processing the moment in real time, and highlight some of the various takes and conversations that are happening online. They also briefly touch on the red carpet, fashion, Vanity Fair party, and some other notable moments from the evening. Highlighted Black-Owned Business: Creamalicious socreamaliciou...

Kardashian Bonus Show: To Our Son, Kim/Pete + Kourtney & Kim Take NY Ep 2

March 25, 2022 19:22 - 47 minutes

Emma and Julie begin by discussing Kylie changing her baby’s name, and the To Our Son video. They then touch on Pete’s mom’s comment of support and of course fantasize about Kim in Staten Island at the Davidson house.  This episode of K&K Take NY followed two main plot lines: Kim’s shoot for W Mag gone wrong, and Scott’s continual struggle for Kourt’s approval.  Shop our merch: Codes: Solo Stove - code: CBC at for an extra $20 off Vizzy - vizzyhardseltz...

Comments By Bravo: Austen x Summer House, NJ Ropes Course, Dr. Jen, & More.

March 23, 2022 20:07 - 54 minutes

Isabel and Emma spend the majority of this week discussing the whirlwind episode of Summer House. They debrief Lindsay’s birthday, Austen’s attitude to Ciara, Ciara wanting to have conversations with both Austen and Lindsay, Paige’s place in the argument, Mya’s journey of self love, and so so much more. This ep was a lot to handle - in the best way possible. RHONJ ~ 33:00  They then briefly discuss this week in New Jersey, where Marge and Jen have a shockingly loving conversation, and Teresa ...

Ep 281: JLo & Ben, Pete & Scott, Kim in Miami, Shawn & More

March 21, 2022 21:34 - 46 minutes

Emma and Julie start by discussing JLo and Ben Affleck reportedly being in escrow for a 50 million dollar Bel-Air home. They then get into Pete in Scott’s Insta story, having a ‘boys night’ while Kim was in Miami. Then, Travis, Scott & Pete at Reign’s baseball game, and Pete picking Kim up at the airport. A lot of content for a weekend!! JLo & Ben home: Pete & Kim airport:

Kardashian Bonus Show: KIM ON ELLEN

March 17, 2022 22:07 - 41 minutes

Pete is not only tatted…the guy is branded. Obviously Emma and Julie absolutely lost their minds over the Ellen clips that came out yesterday. They spend the majority of the episode processing, discussing, and analyzing. At the end, they briefly touch on Kanye’s 24 hour Instagram suspension, and Trevor Noah’s comments about the seriousness of the situation.  Kim on Ellen: Trevor Noah: Codes: Deux - COMMENTS for...

Comments By Bravo: Katie & Tom, Miami Part 2, SLC Part 3, OC/Jersey, & More.

March 16, 2022 20:19 - 1 hour

Emma and Isabel begin with the sad news that Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are separating after 12 years.  RHOM ~ 10:00 They first get into the end of this season of Miami, which exceeded their expectations. Part 2 of the reunion includes Larsa/Kanye, Lisa discussing her marriage to Lenny, and Alexia being an MVP as usual.  RHOSLC ~ 42:00 Next, the Salt Lake City reunion concludes in the most interesting part yet. They debrief Jen and Sharieff’s charming nature, Heather as a friend, Lisa’s r...

Ep 280: KARDASHIAN MEGA EPISODE (Kim, Pete, Kanye + Trailer & More.)

March 14, 2022 23:12 - 1 hour

What. A. Weekend. Every single topic discussed here could easily have been its’ own episode.  Emma and Julie begin by discussing The Kardashians trailer that dropped this morning. There’s so much here: Kourtney & Travis trying for a baby, Khloé & Tristan, Kylie & Kendall, KIM AND PETE. So much.  They they get into Kim’s Instagram from Friday: the official Pete grid content we’ve been anxiously awaiting. THEN: the text conversation between Pete and Kanye and a million discussion points in betw...

Kardashian Bonus Show: Season 5 Finale + Kourt & Kim Take New York

March 11, 2022 21:47 - 45 minutes

**episode recorded before Pete IG debut** (obviously absolutely LOSING it and will discuss on Monday)  Emma and Julie discuss the season 5 finale and the start of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. In the finale, they discuss the fallout of Kim’s relationship with Reggie, her short lived romance with Miles Austin, Lamar’s role within the family, and more. Episode one of KKTNY is where we get the now famous moment of Kanye at the Dash Soho location: “Mr. West is in the building.” We also see the ev...

Comments By Bravo: Miami Reunion Pt 1, SLC Reunion Pt 2, Lindsay x Austen x Ciara, Jersey, & More.

March 10, 2022 23:44 - 1 hour

RHOM ~2:00  Emma and Isabel begin with the very exciting first part of the Miami reunion. They debrief Larsa’s “roll-off” method, Marysol vs. Nicole continued, and Larsa confronting Lisa. They also share their shock and sadness over Julia sharing the deeper, tragic story behind her son’s death. Kourtney’s Girls Trip in Turks & Caicos (S17 E6):  RHOSLC ~20:00 Next is part 2 of the SLC reunion. Our heads are still spinning. The sec...

Ep 279: Miscellaneous News Roundup

March 08, 2022 23:55 - 40 minutes

This was a bit of a random episode. There wasn’t too much happening this week, so Emma and Julie just casually discussed some of the themes from the last week. Topics included: Euphoria cast glow-up, Sydney Sweeney engagement, Kim dropping the ‘West’ & her and Kanye at North’s basketball game, the rise of celebrity stylists as stars themselves, and - of course - Kim & Pete. Mentioned TikTok: Alexa & Kim:

Kardashian Bonus Show: Kim Is Legally Single

March 03, 2022 21:17 - 44 minutes

A lot to get into this week. Emma and Julie begin with a brief acknowledgement of Martha Stewart’s lunch date with Kris and Khloé. They then immediately get into the news that Kim is officially legally single, after a win in court from powerhouse Laura Wasser. They discuss how their prediction of how the divorce would go down was so incorrect, and factors that contributed to that. Without trying to give it too much attention, they briefly discuss Kanye’s ‘Eazy’ music video and how disgusted t...

Comments By Bravo: Miami Finale, SLC Reunion Part 1, Summer House, Jersey, & More.

March 02, 2022 21:44 - 1 hour

Summer House ~1:30  Isabel and Emma begin this week’s episode by breaking down another great week of Summer House. They get into the vulnerable conversation between the girls and Amanda about Kyle’s comments, making sure both Kyle and Amanda are happy in the relationship, Craig and Paige’s growing romance (and what that means for Andrea,) and watching Carl and Lindsay pre-relationship. RHOSLC ~13:00  Next, they debrief Part 1 of the Salt Lake City reunion. They give their top-line thoughts on...

Ep 278: Euphoria Finale, SAG, The Weeknd, Kardashian Recap, & More

March 01, 2022 00:11 - 44 minutes

Emma and Julie begin by debriefing on last night’s Euphoria finale. They then spend a few minutes discussing the SAG red carpet and award shows in general. Next, they break down The Weeknd/Simi/Bella/Selena, after the Vegas celebration.  Vegas video: Kim & Pete at BHH: They briefly discuss John Mulaney and Olivia Munn at SNL and Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet’s rumored rekindling, before getting into the Kardashian recap. Kardashia...

Kardashian Bonus Show: Pete’s Instagram + Season 5, Episode 10 Recap

February 24, 2022 21:14 - 48 minutes

Emma and Julie start out by discussing Pete deleting his Instagram, and Kanye’s tasteless bragging about it. They spend the first 10 or so minutes breaking this all down - the movie he was promoting, apparent reasons for deleting, what this means going forward, and more. The pride which Kanye takes in his role is rather disturbing.  They then recap season 5, episode 10 (briefly touching on episode 9). This episode centers around three main plots: Scott attempting to get closer to Caitlyn, Kim...

Comments By Bravo: SLC Finale, Versace Mansion, Jersey Shore, Edibles in Baccarat, Summer House, & More.

February 23, 2022 20:24 - 1 hour

This week was a doozy. Isabel and Emma begin with Isabel’s revelation of her favorite housewife of all time, and reminisce about an epic WWHL memory. RHOM ~5:00  They first get into the most fun week in Miami, where the women celebrate Alexia’s bachelorette with a glam night at the Versace mansion. They analyze the dynamic between Marysol and Nicole, Julia and Adriana’s friendship, and Adriana bringing up Kim again to test Larsa.  RHONJ ~23:00  In Jersey, they discuss the women heading down t...

Ep 277: The Kardashians Trailer, Britney Book Deal, Euphoria, & More

February 22, 2022 23:55 - 45 minutes

This week was a little slower than normal - but, still, plenty to discuss. Emma and Julie began by dissecting the 26 second trailer that just dropped for Hulu’s The Kardashians. The Kardashians Hulu Trailer: They then get into Britney’s alleged $15 million book deal and how incredible it will be to hear her story directly from her. Then, a short conversation on the apparent Aaron Rodgers/Shailene Woodley break up. Lastly, they discuss Kim’s “Objects of...


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