Episode summary introduction: Gobi Dasu, a Stanford University alum talks about his college years. How he finished his undergraduate program in 2 years, and became a “digital nomad” after graduating, and then returned to Stanford for Graduate study and enjoyed “all that Stanford had to offer”.

In particular, we discuss the following with him:

Being a student at Stanford University

The Decision to graduate in 2 years

Why he came back to graduate school

Topics discussed in this episode:

“The Race to Get Out”  [1:55]

Why Stanford [3:54]

From High School to Stanford [7:25]

Classes at Stanford [9:01]

Diverse Classmates [11:25]

High Quality Instruction [13:52]

The Decision to Graduate in 2 Years! [18:00]

How to Graduate in 2 Years! [22:16]

Campus Life and Living [25:43]

Digital Nomad Years [32:35]

Returning to Stanford for Grad School [40:17]

Tips for Aspiring Students [42:47]

“Enjoy all that Stanford has to offer” [47:29]

Our Guest: Gobi Dasu majored in Computer Science from Stanford University. Gobi has a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University as well. He is currently a PhD candidate for Human Computer Interaction at Northwestern University. Gobi is also the Founder of LD Talent.

Memorable Quote: "Treating Life like a work of art”

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