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Episode 156 Slate Turkey / Heritage Breeds at Slate Run Farm - 1880s Living History / Cornbread Sausage Sweet Potato Stuffing / Roosty's New Feeder and Waterer Set

Coffee with the Chicken Ladies

English - November 21, 2023 06:00 - 53 minutes - 36.8 MB - ★★★★★ - 222 ratings
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In this week's episode, we spotlight a beautiful heritage breed - the Slate turkey! We visit the amazing Slate Run Farm living history site and learn about life, and Thanksgiving, in 1880s Ohio. We share our recipe for delicious Cornbread Sausage and Sweet Potato Stuffing, and give a review of Roosty's newest Feeder and Waterer set.

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Slate Run Farm Metro Park

Cornbread Sausage and Sweet Potato Stuffing with Cranberries

Roosty's New Feeder and Waterer Set

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