Tom Henschel: The Look & Sound of Leadership
Tom Henschel of Essential Communications grooms senior leaders and executive teams. An internationally recognized expert in the field of workplace communications and self-presentation, he has helped thousands of leaders achieve excellence through his work as an executive coach and his top-rated podcast, The Look & Sound of Leadership.
Listener Questions

Caroline asked about whether she should appease a peer by interviewing someone she doesn’t think is a good fit.
Jane asked for suggestions on team diversity.
Susan asked about promoting engagement with her team when there is lots of reluctance.
Mariah wanted our advice on creating an orientation program for her team leads.

Resources Mentioned

StrengthsFinder (Gallup)
Leading Change* by John Kotter
Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
Influence* by Robert Cialdini
Three Steps to Great Career Conversations with Russ Laraway
Being the Boss * by Linda Hill and Kent Lineback
First, Break All the Rules* by Gallup

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