In Episode 310, all those months ago, Paul and Eli attempted to complete the whole of the Celandine Walk in 6 hours. They absolutely failed and had to abandon the walk because Eli had somewhere better to be, apparently! However, this failure got under their skin, and they decided that they both need closure. This week, the Cheap Chaps decide to finish off what they started and endeavour to complete that walk, taking them from Swakeleys Park to the Grand Union Canal in Cowley. That means there is a good five miles of walking ahead of them! Along the way, they decide to also cram in another modular “Price of Shite” and guess the prices of seven weird and wonderful charity shop finds. Who will win the most “p’twings” by the end of the journey? Why do they keep getting lost? What happens when they run out of places to walk to and who smokes too much and nearly whites out? Find out in this bumper walkabout edition of CheapShow!

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