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CES5SE-2021 Summer Special Episode

Chasing Encounters

English - August 18, 2021 00:00 - 33 minutes - 30.6 MB - ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
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Dr. Katie Entigar joined us to have a conversation about their first experiences in Toronto as a new assistant professor at the University of Toronto. Katie enlightened us about what is meant by adult education. Dr. Entigar discussed how education, learning and meaning-making need to go beyond the school years as these take place in different contexts formal, informal and non-formal. In our conversation, we talked about various forms of adult education that fall into the concepts of communities of practice in which people learn from each other. Also, we considered how adult education is conceptualized depending on different contexts as different meaningful approaches to engage communities are enacted in what is called Diacultural Pedagogies.
Dr. Katie Entigar’s agenda focuses on nonprofit education adult immigrants. As a scholar, they draw upon sociocultural theory, critical applied linguistics, women of color feminist philosophy and praxis, intersectional analyses, queer theory and thinking, and poststructuralist and decolonizing approaches to unearth and work creatively with concepts of contribution, silence, inclusion, and coalition in educational research and practice. They seek dialogue and coalitional practice to collectively radically imagine alternatives to our current violent and dehumanizing reality, which is not a given but always in the making. They take an ethically engaged, restless posture of radical unknowing in my work, seeking to center and uplift Black, Brown, and immigrant perspectives while recommitting daily to a praxis of accountability as an ally, accomplice, and educator
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