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Cast of thrones is your number 1 source for all things Game of Thrones. Not only do we cover the HBO show, we also cover "The Song of Ice and Fire" books as well. Where some shows might leave you hanging in between seasons. We're here year round delving deep into Westeros.

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House of the Dragon – Episode 10 : The Black Queen

October 26, 2022 23:33 - 2 hours - 109 MB

The finale of season 1! What a bittersweet moment for us. And a very bitter moment for the poor characters of this show. Season 1 was good to we were joined by Jennifer Cheek. Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 9 : The Green Council

October 18, 2022 19:18 - 1 hour - 81.6 MB

Schemes up schemes upon schemes! Our heroes become villains! Our villains remain villains! Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 8: The Lord of the Tides

October 11, 2022 20:33 - 1 hour - 92.2 MB

Another , and most likely, the final time jump! We get some rad new faces to get used to all around but they look great and very scary. Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 7: Driftmark

October 04, 2022 20:12 - 1 hour - 85.9 MB

Things come to a boiling point with all our friends and family. You think your thanksgiving dinner is awkward….yikes. Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 6: The Princess and the Queen

September 27, 2022 20:58 - 1 hour - 94.7 MB

After 10 a ten year time jump our Westerosi heroes go through some awkward moments in court. And Die. We are joined by the wonderful Pat Edwards! Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 5: We Light The Way

September 21, 2022 19:30 - 1 hour - 96.7 MB

Ok the first huge and bad decision and it happens at a wedding?!? Weird! The cast did not like it. Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 4: The King of the Narrow Sea

September 13, 2022 19:18 - 1 hour - 75.7 MB

Our characters continue to make poor decisions but we don’t really blame them, honestly… Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 3: Second of His Name

September 06, 2022 20:52 - 2 hours - 105 MB

After a 3 ish year time jump our heroes deal with the consequences of their actions/ lack of actions. Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 2: The Rogue Prince

August 30, 2022 19:52 - 1 hour - 81.8 MB

Episode two was a great Game of Thronesian political intrigue power house with back to back betrayals and court out maneuverings! We love to see it.  Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 1: The Heir of the Dragon

August 23, 2022 22:02 - 1 hour - 90.2 MB

The very first episode of House of the Dragon is finally out! Listen to our thoughts on the premiere of this brand new Game of Thrones series! We liked it : )  Follow the hosts – Tim Lanning, Nika Howard and Felicia Perez.

House of the Dragon – Episode 0

August 12, 2022 19:36 - 22 minutes - 18.6 MB

Here we are! A new Cast of Thrones series covering The House of the Dragon which premieres on August 21st. Jennifer, Nick and Michael were understandably wary of hopping back on that donkey so Tim is joined by a new pod guard of wonderful folks.   We are super excited for House of the Dragon while …

Bounty Buddies – The Mandalorian Podcast Chapter 1 and 2

November 27, 2019 19:43 - 1 hour - 81.8 MB

The year is 2019. Our world is in chaos. But fear not, for hope still remains… in the form of a new Star Wars show called The Mandalorian. This delightful piece of content has brought the world so much joy that we just had to talk about it… in a weekly podcast called Bounty Buddies. …

Game of Thrones Season 8: The GOTYE’s

August 07, 2019 13:40 - 1 hour - 67.8 MB

We’ve come a long way. This is it, the final Game of Thrones Year Endie Awards for the HBO Show. This is probably our best work. We discuss our pre season predictions. The results are shocking. Who will be the ham king? We also give out our prestigious awards as always. This isn’t the definitive end of Cast …

Dear Internet Episode 11 – GeeklyCon 2019 Game of Thrones Edition

July 31, 2019 16:32 - 25 minutes - 18.6 MB

Dear Internet, This week’s show is our live show from GeeklyCon 2019 and its Game of Thrones themed! For that reason, we are cross posting on Cast of Thrones. If you’re missing you Game of Thrones talk, this should hold you over for a bit. We talk about rude viewing partners, sexy time interruptions and personality quizzes.  …

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne Part 2

May 22, 2019 19:24 - 1 hour - 77.7 MB

We’re back again to dive deep into the series finale of Game of Thrones. This week, we do our standard BS and go through the episode line by line to see where everyone ended up. Jon is back where he started, Sansa’s a queen, and Danny is starting to regret her war tactics. Thank you …

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne Part 1

May 21, 2019 00:49 - 31 minutes - 28.9 MB

We didn’t want to wait on this one. Unfortunately with Michael, Tim, and Jennifer traveling we had to do a quick recording immediately following the episode. Don’t fret though. We will discuss the episode in more depth later in the week. For now enjoy our first impressions. Editors Note: There was some technical issues with …

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5: The Bells

May 14, 2019 18:43 - 1 hour - 94.5 MB

What an episode. Cinematic-ally flawless! Everything else…well not so much. This seemed to be a turning point for hardcore fans of the show. People are not happy about Danny and her turn to the darkside. We get into it, we get into it hard. Buckle up people. This one’s tough. Consider supporting us by going …

Cast of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: The Last of the Starks

May 07, 2019 23:10 - 1 hour - 106 MB

Dany is having the WORST day. We recap what some people are calling the worst episode ever. Hey, the first 40ish minutes were pretty good!  Sadly, Nick is off drinking cocktails out of coconuts on a cruise ship, but Greg Tito of Dungeons & Dragons fame valiantly steps in! Don’t forget to check out D&D …

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3: The Long Night

April 30, 2019 17:57 - 1 hour - 95 MB

Well, that was a hell of a battle and a controversial episode. There was a lot of back and forth on social media about this episode. It’s hard to wrap up such a long story in a single episode, and some people were left wanting more. Either way, we had a ton of fun discussing …

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

April 23, 2019 18:47 - 1 hour - 103 MB

Episode 2 is another “table setting” episode but it delivers some of the most heartfelt moments of the series. We’ve waiting so long for our favorite characters to get together, and this season is giving them a little bit of chill time before they all probably die next week. Who’s to say? Brienne finally gets …

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1: Winterfell

April 16, 2019 16:44 - 1 hour - 99.9 MB

The emotions swell in this episode as we get together at the start of the final season of Game of Thrones. This episode really does feel special, after waiting almost two years to get some closure. In this episode the gang is almost all back together, and we start to see the fallout of last …

Cast of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 0

April 08, 2019 15:25 - 1 hour - 73.7 MB

It has been too damn long! We are back and ready to go. After almost two years, things have gotten a bit foggy and we decided we should take a quick look at how last season wrapped up and talk about what we think will happen this year. Thank you all for coming back and …

Dear Internet – Preview Clip: The Wrestler

July 17, 2018 19:46 - 16 minutes - 12.8 MB

We have a new show! Yes we do! It’s called Dear Internet and its all about the fun stories and questions you wouldn’t dare ask anyone but the internet. Unfortunately with GeeklyCon and the million other podcasts we do, we haven’t been able to put the finishing touches on the show. We still have to lock down …

The Hosts – Westworld Season 2 Episode 10: The Passenger

June 26, 2018 18:28 - 1 hour - 72.2 MB

  Well, there we go. We done did it again. Another season of Westworld in the bag and we are left with more questions than answers. I personally was pretty satisfied getting most of the looming mysteries from season 2 wrapped up, but then they piled on a whole bunch of new stuff to ponder …

The Hosts – Westworld Season 2 Episode 9: Vanishing Point

June 19, 2018 22:06 - 1 hour - 48.9 MB

We’ve almost done it again! The penultimate episode. In this weeks episode we get all the dirt on what happened between MIB and his daughter. We mainly focus on William and see how he got to where he is, and what happened to his wife. We also have a brief but mind blowing run in …

The Hosts – Westworld Season 2 Episode 8: Kiksuya

June 12, 2018 18:37 - 59 minutes - 47.4 MB

This weeks episode really takes a step back from the main story line and focuses on a character we’ve seen a lot in the background, but never gotten to know. This change of form pays of big time giving us one of the best most interesting episodes of the whole show. As Maeve is lying …

The Hosts – Westworld Season 2 Episode 7: Les Écorchés

June 05, 2018 16:49 - 52 minutes - 39.9 MB

This weeks episode was pretty divisive amongst the internet and our cast of humble hosts. There was a lot of shooting and fighting and that rubbed some of us the wrong way. Either way, there was a lot to unpack in this episode as we get to the end game of season 2. Ford and …

The Hosts – Westworld Season 2 Episode 6: Phase Space

May 29, 2018 21:27 - 52 minutes - 48.3 MB

Things are really picking up steam in this weeks episode! We get the biggest surprise reveal of the entire season and with it brings new questions and possibilities! Bernard is playing the latest in VR, MIB and daughter have a real heart to heart with bean man, and Dolores has a brand new Teddy.  The …

The Hosts – Westworld Season 2 Episode 5: Akane no Mai

May 23, 2018 21:48 - 1 hour - 51.9 MB

Sorry for the late episode! Someone forgot their audio. Anyway, this weeks episode takes us to Shogun world and we get to meet a bunch of familiar characters with new faces. The pieces are beginning to fall into place and how we get to robot soup is still quite the mystery.  Maeve is picking up …

THE HOSTS – WESTWORLD SEASON 2 EPISODE 4: The Riddle of the Sphinx

May 15, 2018 16:45 - 57 minutes - 44.1 MB

  This episode was my personal favorite of the season so far. We delved deeper into the mystery of season 2 and we learn more about a certain character from last week. Also, an old favorite from season 1 is back and that’s fresh as hell.  This week on the hosts, we have a groundhog’s …


May 08, 2018 19:38 - 1 hour - 48.4 MB

  This weeks episode is back to form, bloody crazy form. We get at Raj world, a park set in 1920’s -ish india. We learn how that tiger got drowned, Maeve meets a new friend, and Bernard is leaking again.  Overall this was a positive episode with some interesting looks into the wider park as …


May 01, 2018 21:48 - 1 hour - 57.1 MB

This weeks episode was a bit divisive amongst the group. We retread a lot of the same ground in this episode and got to see some fun flash backs. We got to see how Delos got started with west world and a little bit more of the man in blacks journey on this new game.  …


April 23, 2018 18:25 - 58 minutes - 46.6 MB

It’s been too long since we’ve had our good pal HBO back in our lives. The premier of Westworld came back with a bang. This season is not playing around and it gives us one hell of an opener. Bernard is the new Dolores and the man in black finally has the messed up life …

Cast of Thrones: Season 7 GOTYE’s

September 18, 2017 15:46 - 1 hour - 81.7 MB

Sadly Game of Thrones did not qualify for this year’s Emmy Awards, but that’s ok! It just barely made it in time for the GOTYE’s, the Game of Thrones Year Endie Awards! We break down all the best moments and characters from season 7! It was quite a year, and this is the perfect wrap up! …

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

August 29, 2017 15:08 - 1 hour - 84.1 MB

It’s a sad day here in Westeros. We all have to pack up our armies for the season and put things on pause till next season when all our friends come back to school. Another season of Game of Thrones in the bag. We got a ton of reveals in this episode including, Jon’s real …

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6: Beyond the Wall

August 22, 2017 18:47 - 1 hour - 69.6 MB

  The most divisive episode of Game of Thrones  is here! We were iffy on how this little plan of Jon Snow’s would pan out and I think we were mostly right about that. We also hoped that Arya would be smart enough to see past Littlefinger’s ploys but sadly we were disappointed. All in all, …

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5: Eastwatch

August 15, 2017 18:04 - 1 hour - 73.8 MB

This weeks episode brings us back from the chaos of dragon killing and gives book readers tons of winks and nods. We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to confirm that the show runners love memes. Gendry is no longer rowing, Arya is getting hoodwinked by littlefinger, Dany is more like her …

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War

August 08, 2017 15:47 - 1 hour - 65.4 MB

Wow. Are you kidding me HBO? This episode was bananas. And I’m not talking Gwen Stefani Bananas, I mean legit crazy. This episode had so many fantasies of ours that we never thought we’d see. Arya was reunited with Sansa and Bran, Jon Snow is totally flirting hard with Danny, Davos has picked up Stannis’s …

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice

August 01, 2017 17:07 - 1 hour - 78.6 MB

This weeks episode brought some divisive opinions among our esteemed cast of podcasters. We had an exciting episode with some controversial points from D and D. We get the reunion of some Stark children, the meeting of fire and ice, Cersei and Jamie are back together, and the Lannister plan is starting to make sense.  …

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2: Stormborn

July 25, 2017 17:22 - 1 hour - 54.6 MB

Note: We recorded this episode live after working non stop on Geeklycon to get this to you as soon as possible. We did the best we could with the audio. Thank you for understanding. This weeks episode was a doozy, there are tons of moving pieces here and things are already starting to move fast. …

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1: Dragonstone

July 17, 2017 18:02 - 1 hour - 50 MB

Another year, another season of Game of Thrones. The wait this year was extra long, but it only made that opening scene extra sweet. The sweet sweet taste of Arbor Gold. Arbor Gold, the best wine for revenge. Each season of Game of Thrones opens by setting the scene for the new season and checks …

Cast of Thrones: Game of Thrones Season 7 Primer

July 11, 2017 20:10 - 1 hour - 55.9 MB

It’s almost time for a brand new season of Game of Thrones! So the Cast of Thrones crew is all back to get you ready. A lot happened last season so we have produced a finely tuned episode to get those juices flowing. We discuss the state of all our heroes at the end of last season. Then …

The Hosts – American Gods Episode 1: The Bone Orchard

May 02, 2017 02:49 - 1 hour - 79.6 MB

Well isn’t this just the best thing to ever happen in this sleepy town? Yes, the fine folks from Cast of Thrones and The Hosts – Westworld have started an American Gods podcast. Listen as we chat about this very strange and beautiful show based on  Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name. We only …

Cast of Thrones: The Rogue Prince

April 14, 2017 18:44 - 52 minutes - 48.4 MB

We are back! In this episode we are talking about the latest spin off story from G.R.R.M The Rogue Prince. This short novella tells us what happened in the years leading up to the arguably more exciting The Princess and the Queen. Obviously there will be spoilers for this story, but honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it! We …

Wine, Women & Westeros 6: Part 2

November 22, 2016 13:00 - 1 hour - 60.6 MB

It’s finally time for Wine, Women & Westeros 6, Part 2: 2 Queen 2 Furious! You may have noticed that there was quite a break in between Part 1 and Part 2…you may have also noticed that there is occasionally a bit of an echo in the audio…oddly enough, these things are related! I like …

The Hosts – Westworld: Season 1 Episode 1

October 06, 2016 00:00 - 1 hour - 69.2 MB

What do we have here?? By golly it’s a brand new podcast. The Cast of Thrones crew has found a new obsession that we think you’re going to love. Westworld is a new HBO show where robots allow rich jerks to play out there every fantasy in horrific ways. I’m sure no one will get …

Cast of Thrones: Season 6 GOTYE Awards Part Deux

August 27, 2016 14:08 - 1 hour - 80.9 MB

    We are back with the second half of our GOTYE awards! This time we have all the big awards you’ve come to love and respect. Including, The ned starky award and Best Death. Some minor audio issues delayed this episode a bit, so we apologize for that, but it all came together in …

Cast of Thrones: Season 6 GOTYE Awards

August 10, 2016 22:09 - 1 hour - 90.3 MB

  Wow. This was an incredible season. We’ve seen people’s opinions all over the place on this one, but we can all agree there were some incredible reveals, deaths, and even butts. We are back once again to award the best of the best, their golden donkey. We’ve been in close contact with all the …

Cast of Thrones: Wine, Women & Westeros 6!

July 28, 2016 11:45 - 1 hour - 83.9 MB

We took an extended vacation, but the ladies of Wine, Women & Westeros are back to talk about season 6 of Game of Thrones! And also our deepest, darkest, fanfiction secrets and canned wine. We had so much to talk about that we’ll be doing at least one more episode, so stay tuned for Wine, …

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10: The Winds of Winter

June 28, 2016 13:41 - 1 hour - 101 MB

The white raven has finally come and with it, the winds of winter have arrived. With this episode, HBO has ruined the SEO for the next book forever, but they’ve also managed one of the best episodes of their run. We all predicted what Cersei’s plan was, but the way the show handled it was …


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