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Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show: THE UK Geek Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Classic Doctor Who Podcast

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Welcome to the greatest show in the multiverse! Fasten your seat belts for a rocketship ride to Altair City Spaceport's Rusty Rocket Tavern, where I discuss science fiction, fantasy, and horror; books, comics, movies, TV, games, and toys. Powered by alien technology, eldritch powers, and caffeinated beverages, since a summer night in 2012 fuelled by two double gin and tonics.

The spiffingly beezer UK podcast consists of reviews, vintage British media revisits (inc. classic Doctor Who), and geek life rambles.

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CRRRRS 475 Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday

January 25, 2023 14:15 - 39 minutes - 37.3 MB

Revisit Show notes at

CRRRRS 474 Bookwormery

January 17, 2023 10:51 - 41 minutes - 39.1 MB

A Deliberate Lack of Telly, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Wizard of Id: The King is a Fink, Kevin O'Neill, Dungeons and Dragons Open Game Licence Rent Seeking Retraction, Reading Area, YouTube Playlist Songs Vanishing, Clown Suit Update, John Donne Can Get Stuffed, I Made Bread Sauce Show notes at

CRRRRS 473 Doctor Who: Castrovalva

January 08, 2023 12:11 - 37 minutes - 34.8 MB

Revisit. Show notes at

CRRRRS 472 I Have to Wear a Clown Suit for My Health

January 03, 2023 10:59 - 27 minutes - 26 MB

I Say!, Happy Birthday Blake's 7, Stephen Greif, Shotcut Pants!, Micro USB Podcastus Interruptus, Thunberg Versus Tate: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!, Trapped on a Desert Island Syndrome, Clown Suit, Mixed Pudding, Ye Not So Olde Recipes, Christmas Podcast Madness Is Over Show notes at

CRRRRS 471 Hello, New Year's Day!

January 02, 2023 13:47 - 25 minutes - 23.8 MB

Happy New Year!, Sounds of the Mathurs' New Year, SM7B Again, Lobo: The Last Czarnian, Lobo Movie, Alan Grant, Paper Girls, His Dark Materials, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Let's Finish Old Who, Backish Toish Aish Regularish Scheduleish Show notes at

CRRRRS 470 Hello, New Year's Eve!

December 31, 2022 23:36 - 3 minutes - 3.75 MB

Happy New Year's Eve! Show notes at

CRRRRS 469 Hello, New Year's Eve Eve!

December 31, 2022 21:11 - 32 minutes - 30.7 MB

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!, Rig and Gig Change, I Am Legend, Very Annoying Doctor Who Spoilers, Krishna and Rukmini, Detectorists, The Best of Siouxse and the Banshees, Wilko Johnson, Pele, Cost of Living in the UK Show notes at

CRRRRS 468 Hello, Christmas!

December 26, 2022 01:39 - 15 minutes - 14.8 MB

Ho, Ho, Ho!, Paper Girls, Silence, Listener Mail, My Christmas Day, See You Soon Show notes at

CRRRRS 467 The Wizard and the Sea

December 21, 2022 21:33 - 29 minutes - 28.2 MB

Wotcha, Barbie, Henry Cavill's Superman and The Rock's Black Adam Out of the DCU, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek: Generations, Detectorists, Lulworth Cove Trip Needless Error Correction, Gear Backtrack, Raspberry Pi Faffasco, Don't Poke the Elon, Sam Bankman-Fried in Jail, We Have Achieved Fusion, I Bought a Winter Duffle Coat and a Fisherman's Cap and Now I Look Like the Ancient Mariner, Toodle Pip Show notes at

CRRRRS 466 Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis

December 20, 2022 20:27 - 34 minutes - 32.8 MB

Revisit! Show notes at

CRRRRS 465 Black Adam

December 13, 2022 21:17 - 47 minutes - 44.1 MB

Things Have Been Generally Like That, Fender Bender, Rishi Sunak: The First British Asian UK Prime Minister, Sledging, Happy Birthday Mum, Black Adam, A Spy Among Friends, School for Scoundrels, Lulworth Cove's Durdle Door, The UK Poundland Ripoff Continues, New Old PC BIOS Update Problems, Shure SM58, Shure SM7B, Beyerdynamic DT150, JLab Rewind Wireless, JVC HA-S160, Konig and Meyer Mic Desk Stand Used as a Headphone Stand, Vocalzone Throat Pastilles, The Beautiful Bubble Show notes at RoyMa...

CRRRRS 464 Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, The Devil's Hour, Truth Seekers

December 06, 2022 11:18 - 40 minutes - 37.6 MB

Amuse-Tete, Ripoff UK, Scam UK, Naffster, Royism, Poop Bin, Expect Fewer Tweets From Me, I Was Haunted by a Ghost, Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, The Devil's Hour, The Walking Dead, Andor, Truth Seekers, Rick and Morty, Back to the Future, The Hell of Trying to Avoid Spoilers as a New Doctor Who Companion Is Announced, Doctor Who and Disney, The Walk-In, SAS Rogue Heroes, Granite Harbour, Big Tech Deathwatch: Twitter, Meta, Amazon, Theranos, FTX, Artemis I, FIFA's Gawn Barmy, Da...

CRRRRS 463 Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken

November 29, 2022 12:31 - 25 minutes - 24.6 MB

Revisit! Show notes at

CRRRRS 462 Thor: Love and Thunder, Halloween Ends, Barbarian, The Peripheral

November 13, 2022 03:40 - 39 minutes - 36.9 MB

You know I said...?, Windows Audio Driver Hell, Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones, Elon Musk Owns Twitter, YouTube Podcasts, Car, Thor: Love and Thunder, Halloween Ends, Barbarian, The Umbrella Academy, For All Mankind, The Peripheral, Andor, Robbie Contrane, Leslie Philips, Captain Preet Chandi Show notes at

CRRRRS 461 Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor

October 31, 2022 14:19 - 34 minutes - 32.6 MB

Divali, What a Faff, What a Fiasco, What a Faffasco, Tourettik, Sir Arthur Itis, Sir Clanky, Chills, Vax, Space Rock Migraine Part Two, I Still Want to Be Happy, More Specificity, New English Library Herbert Haul, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Andor, Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor, BBC iPlayer Recommendations for Halloween Night: Poltergeist and Halloween Show notes at

CRRRRS 460 Doctor Who: Warriors' Gate

October 30, 2022 17:40 - 21 minutes - 20.8 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRRS 459 Midnight Werewolf Sex Demon Vampire

October 11, 2022 14:19 - 51 minutes - 47.5 MB

Space Rock Migraine, Ancestors, Halloween Stock Shortage, Horror Season, Hellraiser, Werewolf by Night, Interview with the Vampire, The Midnight Club, Stable Diffusion Nightmare Images, Shure SM7B: New Old Mic Night, Point of View TGT GeForce 560 Ti: Noisy Graphics Card Banished, Hot Hot Takes, Upcoming Classic Doctor Who, Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor Show notes at

CRRRRS 458 A Belated Happy Birthday to Me

October 06, 2022 07:57 - 19 minutes - 18.6 MB

Happy Birthday Me, Sick, Back, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Andor, Kermit Rainbow Connection Lego Minifig, KHS Manhattan Flyer Cruiser Bicycle, Google Calendar, Back, Back Show notes at

CRRRRS 457 Review, Revisit, Ramble

September 21, 2022 23:48 - 32 minutes - 30.3 MB

Welcome to the Only CRRRRS Podcast, Health Check, Hellfire Club T-Shirt, Bad Sport, The Queen's Funeral, Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Prey, Knives Out, The Rhythm Section, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, The Patient, The Capture, Uploading Tagged WAV files to, Patreon, Why Are Windows Sound Drivers Such a Pain?, I Don't Want to Be Miserable Show notes at

CRRRRS 456 The Off Topic One

September 06, 2022 10:49 - 49 minutes - 46 MB

Welcome to the Third CRRRRS Podcast, D'Artagnan, Crockery Rage and Booze, The Obligatory Occasional Grump About UK Politics, Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani's Unequal Convictions, New Old Computer, Gear Aquisition Syndrome Update, Tool Tip, Palantir Bidding for NHS Contract, Sanas AI's Fake American White Guy, Second Life and Myst Online: Uru Live at Maximum Resolution, Solitaire, All Hail the Cult of Vi!, Salman Rushdie Assasination Attempt, Accentuating the Positive, Kick Back and Chill ...

CRRRRS 455 Jurassic World Dominion

September 02, 2022 08:16 - 34 minutes - 32 MB

I Screwed Another Deadline, Accursed Twofold, Heatwave Clothes, Jurassic World Dominion, The Boys, The Old Man, The Sandman, Resident Evil, Rose Red, House of the Dragon, Black Park, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Show notes at

CRRRRS 454 Doctor Who: State of Decay

August 28, 2022 00:09 - 30 minutes - 28.4 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRRS 453 To Infinity and Beyond!

August 11, 2022 00:17 - 40 minutes - 38.3 MB

Dream, RIP Bernard Cribbins, David Warner, Nichelle Nichols, and Olivia Newton-John, Lightyear, Altitude, Le Mans '66, Snowfall, ITV Remakes of The Ipcress File, Maigret, Titanic, Doctor Zhivago, etc., PC Buggerations, Online Forums Suck, Social Media Sucks, Dating Apps Suck, Emboitement Show notes at

CRRRRS 452 Doctor Who: Full Circle

August 04, 2022 02:08 - 36 minutes - 34.1 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRRS 451 The Black Phone

July 24, 2022 21:28 - 26 minutes - 24.7 MB

Woe, Woe, and Thrice Woe, The Black Phone, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Ms. Marvel, Reading, The Classic Doctor Who Rewatch Continues, Microphones Show notes at

CRRRRS 450 RIP Eddie Munson

July 16, 2022 16:20 - 35 minutes - 33.1 MB

Dacoit? Hah!, OCD, Break, Sometimes the Red Pill is Just the Red Pill, Cardigan, Moon, The Legend of Luther Arkwright, Moon, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Stranger Things, Westworld, Ms. Marvel, Black Bird, Curious Creatures, Castle Royenstein Irregulars Show notes at

CRRRRS 449 Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show 10th Anniversary

July 05, 2022 05:20 - 42 minutes - 39.2 MB

10 Years of CRRRRS, Siouxse and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Guitar, Bass, A Guitar Is Merely an Ugly Ukulele, Methuselah, Black, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who 60th Anniversary, The Boys, The Old Man, 10 Years of Podcasting AMA, Rice Crispy Squares, Dandies Vegan Marshmallows, Lemon Cake, Tea, Mikado, Poky, Dingle Dangle Jingle Jangle Hoodie Zip, Terrifying Jumper, Cardigan, 2012 to 2022 Podcast Supercut Show notes at

CRRRRS 448 Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive, Meglos

July 03, 2022 20:52 - 26 minutes - 25.2 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRRS 447 Summer Pestivals

July 02, 2022 12:08 - 29 minutes - 27.8 MB

When, Green Bin Shrinkage, The Great UK Hearing Aid Rip Off, Petrol, Wade Versus Roe, Summer Pestivals, The Boys, Was Game of Thrones Good?, Millennium, For All Mankind, A Plentitude of Podcasts Show notes at

CRRRRS 446 Zero Days Since Last Accident

June 25, 2022 19:21 - 33 minutes - 31.7 MB

Annoying, Deaths, Timber!, Santa Beard, Zero Days Since Last Accident, Where, The Handbook: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the Production of Doctor Who, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Lazarus Project, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Sherwood, The King's Man, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Togfest 2022 Show notes at

CRRRRS 445 Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive

June 18, 2022 01:31 - 32 minutes - 30.3 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRRS 444 Strelnikov's Train

June 14, 2022 17:40 - 28 minutes - 27.2 MB

City, Dream, Scheduling, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Midnight Club, The Sandman, Night Sky, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Ms. Marvel, WWDC, Google Engineer Claims AI Sentient, Mozilla VPN, Remember the BBC Script I Wrote?, The End of the World, Housekeeping Show notes at

CRRRRS 443 The Man Who Faceplanted to Earth

June 07, 2022 17:17 - 28 minutes - 27.2 MB

Break, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Hellraiser, William Gibson, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stranger Things, The Boys, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Positivity? Pah! Show notes at

CRRRRS 442 Doctor Who: Shada

May 29, 2022 21:42 - 33 minutes - 31.5 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRRS 441 Tempus Observat Non Geek

May 25, 2022 20:26 - 30 minutes - 28.6 MB

Sorry I'm Late..., Health, Another Death in the Family, Morbius, Firestarter, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Rick and Morty, Gotham, The Antisocials, Paypal's Slight Delay in Payments Show notes at

CRRRRS 440 The Space Ravers

May 18, 2022 19:10 - 44 minutes - 41.6 MB

Full Stack Geek Podcast, Proton Pump Inhibitor Withdrawal Progress, Migraineur, Passport, This Is Spinal Tap 2, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Doctor Who's Doctor and Donna, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Based Rock and Roll, Elon Is Doing What Now?, The Minor Facebook Unlock, Podcast Statistics, Google Should Stop Copying Apple Presentations, I'm a Social Network Hypocrite, iPod Dead, Supporters Show notes at

CRRRRS 439 Old Knights of the Falling Moon

May 12, 2022 01:22 - 50 minutes - 47 MB

Retractions, Pain and Strain, Star Wars Day, Moonfall, Ambulance, Halo, Star Trek: Picard, Moon Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, New Doctor Cast in Doctor Who, The Internet Archive Reliability, The Great Facebook Lockout, Editors!, The Horus Box to be Republished, Brand Identity, Preparing to Be a YouTuber, Tired Show notes at

CRRRRS 438 Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon

May 05, 2022 13:43 - 22 minutes - 21.1 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRRS 437 Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden

May 04, 2022 13:38 - 23 minutes - 22.3 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at


May 03, 2022 09:00 - 8 minutes - 8.51 MB

Extra Pod, Happy May Day Weekend, Back to the Beginning, Schedule Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 435 Doctor Who: The Creature from the Pit

April 30, 2022 15:18 - 29 minutes - 28 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 434 The Batman Swished in Uncharted Places

April 29, 2022 07:12 - 38 minutes - 35.1 MB

Spoilers!, I'm Dying Up Here, Hard Work, The Endless, No Exit, The Batman, Uncharted, Moon Knight, Unsubscribing, Video Editing, China Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 433 Iain M. Banks Update

April 21, 2022 15:32 - 24 minutes - 23.6 MB

Okay, I know I Said..., Update of My 2013 Iain M. Banks Retrospective, FileZilla Slowdown, I Applied for Another Bloody Job, After Aftershow Addendum Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 432 Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils

April 19, 2022 00:49 - 42 minutes - 39.4 MB

Happy Happy, Worn Out, The Wanting Mare, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Scream, Severance, The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Picard, Moon Knight, Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils, Desktop App Updates, Elon Musk, Stats Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 431 Archive 81

March 30, 2022 13:55 - 28 minutes - 27.2 MB

Transmission Omission, Antlers, Firestarter, The Fear Index, Archive 81, Station Eleven, Lost in Space, Star Trek: Discovery, Rick and Morty, The Sandman, SM58, Hello Again, Old Friends Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 430 Roy's Ominous Tower

March 18, 2022 17:04 - 39 minutes - 37.2 MB

Cruft, Ukraine, The Responder, Chloe, This is Going to Hurt, My Historic House on Google Maps, Block Google Docs and Google Drive File Shares, Health and Stress, Microphone Choice Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 429 Doctor Who: City of Death

February 27, 2022 22:19 - 30 minutes - 28.3 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 428 Beckoned Back to the Tower of Wizardry

February 14, 2022 20:34 - 33 minutes - 31.1 MB

I Answer Its Call, Winter Olympics, Excessive Podcast Ad Length, Valentine's Day, Covid-19 Is Not Over, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Z for Zachariah, The Book of Boba Fett, Peacemaker, The Wheel of Time, Geeklife?, Housekeeping, Upcoming Reviews Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 427 Nightmare Alley

February 07, 2022 21:55 - 39 minutes - 36.8 MB

I'm Sorry, Nightmare Alley, Time Lord Victorious: Daleks!, Star Wars Rey and Finn Romance, The Book of Boba Fett, Moon Knight Accent, Text Editors, Shure SM7B, Future Party, New Year's Resolutions Show notes at

CRRRaSh! 426 Doctor Who: Destiny of the Daleks

January 31, 2022 14:48 - 31 minutes - 29.3 MB

The revisit continues! Show notes at