Hello you absolute freaks!!!!! Welcome back to a brand new episode of ButtonMashing101. This week is crazy cool because we get to talk about games that are coming out in 2023 and say which ones we're excited about. So if you had lingering thoughts about our thoughts about the games we drafted last week, well this is definitely the episode for you. Along with that, we also discuss the DICE nominees and how we felt about some categories and we leave you wondering about other categories by not expressing our feelings at all, it's honestly an insanely cool experience. You know what would be sick though? if you are already listening to the podcast and reading this and while reading this you heard a really funny joke so you had to re-read this sentence only to realize that this sentence is kinda meaningless! That's the kind of fun we like to have here at Buttonmashing101, or buttmash for short!!! Anyway, enjoy our episode you absolute dingbats!!!!!

Sincerely yours,


🔥Heat🔥 Check: Forspoken | Dead Space: Remake
Intro & Outro Song: Delfino Plaza Theme - Koji Kondo (Super Mario Sunshine)
Games We're Playing Song: Good Stuff - The B-52s

Time Stamps:

DICE Nominees (05:24)
Dead Space Movie (17:10)
Industry Layoffs (21:35)
Avengers Game is Dead (32:27)
PSVR2 (37:16)
Most Anticipated Games (44:23)
Heat Check (1:05:37)
Games We Played (1:14:54)


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