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Bunheads Episode 3 "Inherit the Wind"/Firefly Episode 3 "Bushwhacked"

Uh oh! Our lead characters have gone and gotten themselves arrested for being somewhere they shouldn't be. Also both of them spend this episode acquiring property from the recently deceased and discovering strange men in the homes they invited themselves into. The Serenity crew discovers a bunch of dead bodies, which somehow have way less of a stench than the mac n' cheese Boo's mom made. Both Boo and Malcom are forced into being in front on their quests to get the bad boy, and Bryan shares his version of a classic movie he's never seen.

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Introduction - 0:00
Bunheads Episode 3: Inherit the Wind - 5:38
Movies One of Us Has Never Seen - 35:06
Firefly Episode 3: Bushwhacked - 44:03
Similarities - 1:07:12
The Winner - 1:08:02

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