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Episode 108 | Alexis Cavo

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English - November 21, 2023 02:33 - 1 hour - 60.7 MB - ★★★★★ - 16 ratings
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Meet Alexis Cavo, the dynamic owner and founder of Paragon Consulting LLC and Paragon Fitness LLC. With a background in social work, specializing in mental health and substance abuse, Alexis transitioned from counseling to life coaching, drawn to its present and future-focused approach. Throughout her career, she has guided diverse clients across the U.S. through major life changes, drawing on personal experiences to fuel transformative growth. Alexis now focuses on coaching entrepreneurs and high-functioning individuals, hosting team-building workshops for businesses, and leading a team of coaches committed to fostering emotional intelligence and positive change. Together, they transform lives, one person at a time, making the world a more emotionally intelligent place.