Gio would be floored if the Yankees fire Aaron Boone before the season is over. Are they capable of getting back to the way they were playing at the start of the season? What are the Yankees? We know the Mets are a .500 team, but what about the Yankees? Boomer thinks the Mets will be buyers at the deadline. Jerry returns for an update and starts with audio from last night’s Hard Knocks with the Giants and their discussions about Saquon Barkley. Schoen did tell Saquon to test the market to see what his value is. The Yankees lost to the Rays in the series opener as Carlos Rodon gave up 4 runs in the first. Aaron Boone was on with Jomboy and they asked him about Rafael Devers vs Gerrit Cole. The Mets beat the Nationals. They had a 6-0 lead in the 8th but had to hang on to win 7-5. Boomer needs the Mets to get on a winning streak to be above .500 and stay there. Carlos Mendoza talked about the bullpen struggles. In the final segment of the hour, Mike Gundy put his foot in his mouth while trying to defend a player who got in trouble for a DUI. Gio heard that Mike Tomlin is out in WestHampton during the Summer. Gio would love to run into Tomlin at a bar out there.