Welcome back to this, our penultimte episode for The Fires of Heaven!

Nynaeve and Elayne make it to Salidar where they're given a rather cold welcome, and their companions find their own way of integrating with the group already gathered there. But before then they have to fight their way through the streets of Samara to make it onto a boat.

Min finally comes clean to Elayne about being one of Rand's love interests, and Elayne is thankfully quite gracious about it.

Back in Cairhien Rand is plotting his next move when he receives news from Caemlyn as well as 2 letters from Tar Valon.

The stage is set for a massive finale, and that's saying a lot considering the battle we just experienced in the previous episode!

Jody mentions this link to a reenactment of Valda and Galad's duel by Youtube channel Way of The Heron, and here it is:

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