Episode II

What’s this? Something is creeping around in the shadows of the room, it’s big, it’s scary, it can only be the second episode of the frightening new Big Scary Show.

Badger has ventured up north to the Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference and speaks to a true Voice From Hell. Stories have been coming in strong at [email protected] so get ready for the Deadline News to keep you informed on Big Scary Happenings. The Roundtable of Terror is having you update your bucket list, as the crew casts away concern about the missing guest and takes on a conversation about the best haunted attractions around the country and what makes them a must see. Jerry Vayne picks some dark tunes for your enjoyment, and then brings new meaning to De-Composing with the premiere of his new segment. The Unknown Scare Actor wants you to Face Your Fears with some feedback on a new direction to his breakdowns of phobias. Storm will rant about fresh air and zombies in the Haunt Minute, while we shake the cobwebs off of the Big Scary Show Twitter Machine that we found at an estate sale. Finally with HauntCon just around the corner Badger will use the lemon freshness of his kitchen to get all the details out of Leonard Pickle for what the convention will offer. There just might be another cryptic and Pepsitini fueled message from Mommie-D.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to the Big Scary Show!!!

Episode II featured music:

Welcome to the Carnival by Midnight Syndicate

Lair of the Unknown by Virgil Franklin

I ,Vampire by Solitude Black