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J.J. McCullough Roommate Spectacular (ft. Clinton Hallahan)

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English - December 25, 2020 23:00 - 1 hour - 57.7 MB
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It's a Christmas miracle — a new BST episode right on schedule!

We start off with a little apertif in the form of BST favourite Barbara Kay and her review of the Queen's Gambit. It turns out, a fictional show isn't entirely accurate. But Babs says this is because women can't play chess.

Then,  special guest Clinton Hallahan (@StoicRomance) of Alberta Advantage fame tells us about right-wing Canadian YouTuber and Washington Post columnist.  J.J. McCullough, who happens to be a close friend and former roommate of his.

In his WaPo piece, J.J. tells Americans how Justin Trudeau may refuse to leave office, a la Trump, based on a lazy conflation of the Electoral College and Canadian parliamentary procedure.


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