We’re in the book of Numbers as we read through the Bible and it
is a pivotal book we can learn from, not only in what happened to the Children
of Israel in this book but also what we can learn from it on how to deal with
challenging situations.

Ray Steadman said about Numbers: “If you read the Old Testament
as nothing but a history of ancient events concerning people who have long
since disappeared, it will be the dullest, most boring reading you can find.
However, if you read it as a picture of what is happening in your life, vividly
displayed in terms of these people of old, you will find fascinating reading

In this lesson, we’ll look at how Israel was condemned to 40
years of wandering because they didn’t trust God. So that we don’t make the
same mistakes we will look at Spiritual Disciplines or Habits and how they can
help us change our hearts so we trust and do what God wants when life is

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