Corruption within the Mexican military has been a long-standing issue, with numerous instances of misconduct and illicit activities reported over the years. While it is important to note that not all members of the Mexican military are involved in corrupt practices, there have been cases that reveal a significant presence of corruption within the institution.One of the main areas of corruption within the Mexican military is drug-related activities.

Mexico has been grappling with drug cartels and organized crime groups for decades, and some members of the military have been found to collaborate with these criminal elements. This collaboration can involve providing protection to drug traffickers, sharing intelligence with them, or even directly participating in drug trafficking activities. In some cases, military personnel have been implicated in high-profile cases involving the transport and distribution of drugs.Another form of corruption within the military involves bribery and extortion. Some military officers have been known to accept bribes from criminal organizations, allowing them to operate with impunity or providing them with insider information about law enforcement operations.

Similarly, extortion by military personnel has been reported, where they use their position and authority to demand money or other favors from civilians, particularly in areas affected by drug violence or other criminal activities.There have also been cases of human rights abuses attributed to members of the Mexican military. Reports of extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances, and torture have emerged, particularly in the context of the government's efforts to combat organized crime. These violations often go unpunished due to a lack of accountability and effective oversight mechanisms.Efforts to address corruption within the Mexican military have been made, including the creation of specialized units to investigate and combat corruption.

However, progress has been slow, and challenges such as insufficient resources, institutional weaknesses, and fear of retaliation from criminal groups continue to hinder effective reforms.It is important to acknowledge that there are also members of the Mexican military who are committed to their duty, uphold high standards of professionalism, and work to protect the country. The presence of corruption within the institution poses significant challenges to the rule of law, undermines public trust, and hampers efforts to address the complex security issues faced by Mexico.

That trust is once again tested as new footage of the Mexican military lining up five suspected cartel members after a high speed chase and executing them. The military told the public that the suspects were firing at them, but video footage taken from a nearby store told a completely different story.

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Security Camera Footage Shows Mexican Soldiers Executing Cartel Members and Trying to Cover it Up: Reports (

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