Imagine your life if you shifted your thinking from: "how do I look," to "how to I FEEL?" Don't you think it could change your life?  For @JessamynStanley, bestselling author and celebrated Yoga practitioner, it HAS changed her life, her followers lives and now your life.  Jessamyn is a plus-sized Yoga teacher, who has proven Yoga isn't for skinny girls in lululemon drinking expensive juices, it's for everybody and every BODY. 

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Jessamyn teaches us how Yoga is more than a physical exercise.  Yoga is the cure for anxiety, self loathing, envy and the feeling you're not enough.  It will also give you daily breakthroughs on who you are in this world and what your purpose is.  If you've ever thought, "why would I ever do Yoga," you'll leave this interview thinking, "why would I ever NOT do Yoga!?" 


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